What ways of lung cancer metastasis

By | October 15, 2011

Is well known that the level of cancer survival, cancer mainly depends on the late shift will not occur. And lung cancer is a malignant tumor with higher levels of easily distant metastasis, the growth rate and the proliferation and metastasis, the histological type of cancer cells and the differentiation and function of the immune status of the decision. The following are the most common means of several lung cancer metastasis, and the easy transfer of the site.
One way to lung cancer metastasis, local direct spread
Cancer originated in the bronchial wall, the inward growth that is slowly growing up in the bronchial lumen, causing stenosis or obstruction. Outgrowth to infringe on the bronchial wall near the lung tissue, if through the lung tissue, it will expand invaded nearby tissues and organs. Near the edge of the area near the type of lung cancer often infringe on the outside of the pleura surrounding the lungs or chest wall, resulting in pleural effusion and metastatic lesions on the chest wall. Cancer where the lung can also be reached through the other adjacent lobe (right lung has 3 leaf anatomy, left lung, 2 leaf). Near the tumor may also infringe on the blood vessels, diaphragm, vertebrae, esophagus, ribs, lymph nodes, heart, skin and other organs and tissues.
Metastatic lung cancer means two very small airway spread of lung cancer cases, shedding of cancer cells followed by respiratory airway tree movement spread to other ipsilateral or contralateral lung tissue, the formation of new lung metastases. Bronchioloalveolar carcinoma spread more often made angry road.
Three ways of lung cancer metastasis, lymphatic metastasis
In addition to blood vessels inside the lung tissue, as well as numerous lymphatic vessels, the main role is unusual protein recovery, transport nutrients, regulating body fluid balance, also played in the red blood cells to eliminate tissue, bacteria, foreign bodies function. Lymphatic metastasis is a major proliferation of lung cancer common way. Various types of cancer, including squamous cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma, small cell carcinoma lymph node metastasis can occur. Cells next to the increased focus in recent predecessors into the lymph nodes, then the development of the distance one by one, or even reach the cervical lymph nodes. Therefore, the clinical cervical lymphadenopathy can be seen as the treatment of patients, the results do a lymph node biopsy, you can see a large number of cancer cell infiltration. Lymph node metastasis of lung cancer usually occurs in the same side, but there are also developed to the opposite side of the primary lesion, the so-called "cross transfer." If violations of the chest wall and lung cancer lower bound, via lymphatic metastasis to the armpit, neck and abdominal lymph nodes.
Metastasis of lung cancer four ways, blood transfer
The so-called blood transfer, layman's terms is that tumor cells into the blood vessels, where blood cells remain in the diffusion transfer to where. The most common sites of metastases are the liver, bone, kidney, brain, adrenal gland and so on. This also explains why the search head, check bone, check the abdomen. Small cell lung cancer may be present earlier blood transfer. Metastatic adenocarcinoma of the more common blood line. Advanced metastatic squamous cell carcinoma is also good blood lines more common. , The blood of lung cancer metastasis lesions prompted to enter late.

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