Advanced lung cancer to long to live either

By | October 15, 2011

Advanced lung cancer long to live either? This is a lot of lung cancer patients and family members of patients with advanced topics of interest. Often similar to their physician asked about the subject, for advanced lung cancer to long to live either in the end this problem is difficult to have clear answers, lung cancer is a systematic process that involves lot of factors that, in general, lung cancer late to be much longer survival in patients with advanced lung cancer in other words how long period, depending on the adequacy of treatment and the patient's physical performance. In addition, advanced lung cancer patients and their families learn more about the treatment of advanced lung cancer knowledge, and physician communication on the extension of survival of advanced lung cancer has on helping. Advanced lung cancer to long to live either in the main influencing factor is the treatment and physical condition of patients.
The adequacy of treatment for advanced lung cancer advanced lung cancer long to live either a bearing on the most important factor. Treatment for advanced lung cancer, the surgical removal of the possibility is very low, the primary clinical treatment for advanced lung cancer have radiotherapy, chemotherapy, Chinese medicine treatment. 70% of patients with advanced lung cancer after radiotherapy to alleviate the symptoms of different doses and split the amount of external radiation therapy can alleviate the primary or metastatic lesions of the local symptoms, but also because of radiation damage to normal cells, the body weak performance of late lung cancer patients, radiotherapy should be used with caution. In addition, the most commonly used in patients with advanced lung cancer chemotherapy program for the platinum addition, taxane, to vinorelbine, gemcitabine and other drugs is also more widely used in the treatment of advanced lung cancer in the past. But the time to follow chemotherapy, the treatment toxicity is also increased, therefore, chemotherapy drugs and chemotherapy timing, the situation should be based on tumor response, symptom relief as well as treatment-related toxicity may be. In view of chemotherapy side effects on the human body, in the treatment of advanced lung cancer can be combined traditional Chinese medicine to play a synergistic role attenuated. For the transfer of a wide range of physical performance is weak, has been difficult to tolerate chemotherapy for advanced lung cancer patients available in the Yiyaojinhang conservative treatment, of course, short-term effects without chemotherapy significantly, but the long-term effect in improving the quality of life, the extension of permanent survival aspects of significant effect .
In addition, the patient's body also decided to improve the performance of an important factor in long to live either advanced lung cancer, physical performance, immune system strong to resist the development of cancer, tolerance of a variety of drug treatment. Therefore, the progress of the immune performance and enhance force to resist the tumor in patients with advanced lung cancer is extremely important. In the diet, patients with advanced lung cancer should eat with enhanced immune, anti-cancer effects of foods such as barley, yam, jujube, walnut, Tuan Yu, etc.; cough Yichi ginkgo, radish, mustard, almonds, orange peel etc.; Yichi reduce radiotherapy, chemotherapy side-effects of food: goose blood, mushrooms, shark, dried longan and so on. There may also be dependent on taking the role of spleen and kidney medicine, such as China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine Jianpiyishenfang particles to enhance immune function.
In general, advanced lung cancer to long to live either and physical properties due to treatment vary, just select the appropriate method of active treatment, can improve symptoms, extending the permanent survival of advanced lung cancer patients should maintain an optimistic attitude and actively cooperate with treatment. Followed by treatment of excellence, new treatments and drugs are increasingly used in the treatment of advanced lung cancer, the survival of patients with advanced lung cancer has been significantly higher than before. Trapped in advanced lung cancer patients do not long to live either affect the treatment of mood this issue, and do not easily believe that certain drugs can promote long long to live either advanced lung cancer of the ad. Advanced lung cancer in the end to long to live either in patients with this topic for any of the answers are not necessarily cut as soon as possible to receive formal treatment is the most important.
According to statistics, lung cancer incidence and mortality worldwide ranks first in the United States and other developed countries, mortality from lung cancer more than other common cancer deaths combined. Form of lung cancer mortality rates in 2003 than in Beijing has reached 28%, even in Beijing at least every four patients who had a malignant tumor died of lung cancer, then, had died of lung cancer mean that? How do we face lung cancer?
Have any illness and death can not be equated with lung cancer as well. This depends on several factors: First, if early lung cancer, we mainly through a comprehensive surgical treatment of clinical cure can be achieved, allowing this group of lung cancer patients will die from cancer. If it is mid-term patients, we can surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other means to prolong life, not let the patient soon died of lung cancer. For those patients found to float to the surface of a brain metastasis, bone metastasis, multiple metastasis of the body thrown terminally ill, we can also through a variety of treatments to reduce the suffering of patients and improve their living quality of patients. Certain terms, that is, had not died of lung cancer. If able to do early detection of the first; Secondly, through effective treatment to cure the disease out; third, have a good attitude towards the disease; I think the quality of patients with lung cancer and life is still a living to follow our health care the participation of scientific and technological means can be changed.
We sometimes use the "three one-third" to describe the current status of treatment of lung cancer. First, nearly one-third of lung cancer patients were "scared to death." Because the status of high mortality of lung cancer, after some patients had lung cancer, had to live three to five years or seven or eight years, the treatment of lung cancer do not understand, do not know is that lung cancer risk, fear of shock all day long cancer, fear of shock therapy, patients affected by friends, relatives and friends die of lung cancer information, the doctor misinterpreted the medical terminology, a living environment, and economic problems that have made a whole generation to live in fear of the patients were scared, eat well, sleep is not Well, the side effects to treatment also affected the quality of the patient's subsistence.
A third of lung cancer patients received unscientific method of treatment differences, to the "rule is dead." That is talked about the treatment of light or too heavy, obvious that some patients with lung cancer surgery done there is proof of mediastinal lymph nodes, need to do some book adjuvant therapy, like radiation therapy, chemotherapy, Chinese medicine, but he do not know, there are some families in order to prevent the patient the disease, even if effective treatment to all refused. Some doctors also lack the knowledge, but also with the patient will not provide the scientific adjuvant therapy. There are some lung cancer patients do not accept the scientific approach, looking for some special remedies treatment, delay of disease, delayed treatment. Thus, the treatment is not too heavy, too light treatment is, to the "rule" is dead.
Of course, there is indeed one-third of lung cancer patients with advanced lung cancer.
Advanced lung cancer long to live either? All in all, had died of lung cancer does n
ot mean that patients should be optimistic about receiving regular treatment positive attitude.

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