How to prevent breast cancer

By | October 12, 2011

Currently, breast cancer women's health has become a hazard, "the first killer." Experts advise women should fully address the "how to prevent breast cancer." So, What are the methods to prevent breast cancer it?
Statistics show that the global annual increase of 100 million in breast cancer patients (of which there are 20 million people in China), died from the disease each year 20 million people. In the United States, every nine women will have one breast cancer. While a normal female populations for the relevant breast health, breast self-examination and breast disease-related knowledge survey showed that 40% of the respondents do not understand the prevention and reduction of breast-feeding is an effective means of breast cancer. Do breast self-examination 63%, which can adhere to the schedule to do self-examination of 19%, never had accounted for 36% of breast self-examination. Among normal women, 82% of people worried about breast cancer, especially when its support is at or near the person is diagnosed with breast cancer, about 87% of people will feel nervous.
In fact, breast cancer is not so terrible as people think, breast cancer prevention as follows:
A diet
Social rates of obesity and cancer along with the number of patients at the same time increase the links between the two is obvious. Care for every woman and their family should reflect on their own eating habits. "American Cancer Society" estimate, 1 / 3 of cancer deaths are related to their unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise.
According to the Oregon Health and Science University Cancer Institute, the results of a study, if women consumed four kinds of vegetables every day with fruit, their probability of breast cancer will be reduced. Also, try to eat raw vegetables, not cooked. 3 times per week of fish for human consumption to provide adequate Omega-3 fatty acids to protect their own cells. Avoid products containing polyunsaturated fatty foods, like corn oil, sunflower oil, may wish to replace them with nuts or olive oil. Soft drinks and junk food should be avoided in the sugar is the food.
Studies show that alcohol intake and the probability of breast cancer are related. 1 to 3 cups daily drink alcoholic beverages will increase the probability of breast cancer. If we must drink, women can take more folic acid to offset the adverse effects of alcohol.
Over the years, research staff are advocating taking flaxseed can reduce the probability of breast cancer. Flaxseed contains lignans and Omega-3 fatty acids have anti-cancer research has proved useful. Also facilitate the taste can be produced as the liquid poured on salad flaxseed, flaxseed can also be solid ground, sprinkle on breakfast.
In addition, women should eat at least once every day, low-fat dairy products, like yogurt or skim milk.
Second, insist on exercise and healthy eating exercise is equally important. The best exercise is the daily 30 minutes. No matter what, every day, take the time to exercise, better than a good sport completely.
Third, self-examination
Along with the popularity of breast self-examination, now more and more breast cancer in the early Jibei found that breast cancer patients not only significantly prolonged survival, but also a sector commensurate with breast cancer of the breast and axillary retained, so that they maintaining the sexy charm and confidence.
Experts suggest that women over 20 years of age should be breast self-examination as a routine breast care sector, once a month, usually after menstruation for 4-7 days. If found to have abnormal breast lumps, non-lactating nipple discharge, axillary lymph nodes and upper extremity edema, we need immediately to the hospital for further examination.
Fourth, regular physical examination
Prevention of breast cancer should begin breast cancer screening from the age of 20 should not be taken lightly.
X-ray examination of the female breast is important. Before you can feel lumps, X-ray can check out whether the cancer has roots in your body. Although the number of patients with breast cancer increased year by year, but the number of patients have died are decreasing, which is based on timely and effective early detection and treatment.
Doctor's advice: women over 40 years of age each year a breast X-rays for women under the age of 40 inspected at least every three years. Women with a family history of breast cancer should start receiving checks as soon as possible. In addition, adult weight gain in women over 20 kg, the probability of breast cancer in postmenopausal troubles is twice the other women. Nourishes the body weight can not be restored after the woman gave birth to the former level should also be extra careful. In addition, products containing estrogen has been shown to contribute to breast cancer.
V. Treatment
Traditional breast cancer surgery is complete resection and axillary surgery, breast full of tall and graceful and elastic after the surgery no longer exists. Thus, most mental patients are subject to different degrees. Inferiority, the missing sense of abandonment by society has been plagued by a sense of their later life. Especially for young women, the fight against the cruel and destructive, and some suffered from depression, therefore, embarked on a very even really a road. To this end, several generations of surgeons through a century of exploration and efforts of its medical technology was better. The past 20 years, breast surgery has been retained in the world-wide started.

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