How to reduce the recurrence of ovarian cancer

By | October 12, 2011

    Ovarian cancer metastasis and extensive spread easily, treatment time of about 3 / 4 of patients is already late, the comprehensive treatment based on surgery after the 5-year survival is still only hovering around 30%. The reason, in addition to other problems of early diagnosis, treatment, relapse is an important reason. Have reached clinical recovery after treatment in the ending, about 50% to 80% of patients will be appearing in the near or long-term recurrence. How to reduce the recurrence of ovarian cancer in the end? In fact, the main attention to reduce the recurrence of ovarian cancer, the following points:
1, the complete removal of disease in ovarian cancer surgery resection of primary tumor as possible, and can see abdominal metastases, or to residual foci of less than 2.0 to 1.5 cm in diameter. For epithelial cancers, but also removal of the omentum and appendix. Intestinal transfer of treatment is an important component of ovarian cancer surgery department, the decision is one of the factors affecting prognosis. Aikuai shallow infiltration, possible surgery removed; and tumor were larger or deeper invasion, it can not be tolerated, but should be implemented resolutely and kiss the whole bowel resection surgery. Bowel metastasis or involvement is up to the transverse colon, sigmoid colon and rectum, After resection of the sigmoid colon if the rectum, leaving the rectum is still 8 to 10 cm, as far as possible for the anastomosis; as difficult to match, or ends unhealthy organization shall be the line colostomy. Anastomosis device may be used in low rectal resection, the complete side – side or end – side anastomosis, is fast, good effect, but also relieve the pain of fistula. Liver, spleen and diaphragm in the small growing nodules, usually without resection, chemotherapy, which destroy them; and efforts should be made large Aikuai removed. Rate of lymph node metastasis of ovarian cancer as high as 50% or more, experience has tended to present the majority of lymph node dissection should be used as cytoreductive surgery is one of the components. Where to resection of primary and secondary resection of retroperitoneal lymph node lesions were more favorable, should the primary tumor or metastases cytoreductive who can not reach, then there is no benefit to force lymph node.
2, to reduce recurrence of ovarian cancer should adhere to long-term chemotherapy for ovarian cancer chemotherapy should be a longer period of sustained, especially not late and surgical resection. Medication plan: after 1 year: one course per month; 2 years: a course of a month; the first 3 years: every June 1 course of treatment; the first 4 to 5 years: Every June 1 course of treatment, many switch to oral medication.
According to the clinical stage, histological differentiation, surgical removal of thoroughness, patient reactions to change, 5 years later, no evidence of recurrence can be discontinued. Try to avoid stop halfway chemotherapy, chemotherapy can increase the resting halfway through the possibility of recurrence of ovarian cancer.
3, the main choice of adjuvant therapy of Chinese medicine: Chinese medicine, cancer is the lack of righteousness, qi stagnation, phlegm coagulation, blood stasis caused by the course of time, Chinese medicine treatment of cancer to that of "Endometriosis" principle. Other options: Modern studies have shown that ovarian cancer patients willing to use traditional Chinese medicine's role in two, one has to kill cancer cells inhibit the second is to enhance the host's immune system, these functions control the disease on patients before surgery had beneficial to both the prevention of recurrence after. A heat treatment method commonly used detoxification method and blood circulation method. Commonly used in Chinese traditional medicines have diffusa, Solanum vine, thin the British public, smelly peony, tonkinensis, Gelsemium elegans, indigo, cork, skullcap, etc., are commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine Curcuma, Millettia, five plus skin, red peony, safflower, triangular, Shu insects, leeches, Chuanxiong, in the final tail lamps with Southern Star Dengjun restrain the tumor and significant role in promoting immunization. This is the commonly used chemotherapy drugs kill cancer cells, often simultaneously restrain the role of immune function, there are important differences, so the heat detoxification, blood circulation, treatment of cancer, with its own characteristics. In Chinese medicine treatment, you can also choose righting, tonic medicines of traditional Chinese medicine combined with the blood circulation applications, such as Ganoderma lucidum, shiitake mushrooms, North Astragalus, Ling Yun, Codonopsis, etc., whichever is the body's resistance to disease progress and adjust the enzyme system promote autoimmunity, it will be useful clinical means of reducing the recurrence of ovarian cancer.

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