Breast self-examination

By | October 12, 2011

For now, breast cancer is now the high incidence of disease, high fat is not terrible, terrible is not detected early. Breast cancer mainly as painless, hard, ill-defined mass, sometimes accompanied by localized breast skin changes, such as the "dimple sign", "orange peel" sign such as performance. Breast cancer growth in the surface, if the usual attention, I can be early detection of breast cancer patients. Therefore, the importance of breast self-examination.
Breast self-examination as follows:
1. Take off his shirt, stood facing the mirror, to relax the natural sagging upper limbs, observed bilateral breast size, the shape is symmetrical, deformation, whether there is a small depression, breast, nipple retraction, breast orange peel-like skin changes there.
2. Supine position, left shoulder Xiadian not too high a pillow or folded towel and a mat, his left arm on the move, the left pad in the head, and stretched his right hand means that the breast is divided into four areas, starting with the midpoint of the upper beginning, in a clockwise direction, the fingers close to the skin massage check, should not hand Zhuanie breasts. Check the outside of the area as the focus, the largest sector outside the area of breast cancer.
3. To stand straight and hands on the arms, to check for swollen lymph nodes.
4. Gently catch the nipple, whether out of bloody serous discharge was, if these secretions, pathological smears can do to find tumor cells.
Breast self-examination should be clean, in the period 4 to 7 days after, preferably once a month.

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