Hyperplasia of mammary glands symptoms

By | October 13, 2011

Mammary gland hyperplasia is breast cancer? This is a lot of breast hyperplasia patients and their families want to know the problem solve. Mammary gland hyperplasia is a common disease. Many women were advised of breast hyperplasia, because of lack of knowledge, then into a huge panic, thinking that far away from the breast or the same as breast cancer. In fact, 89% of the mammary gland hyperplasia is safe and does not have cancer, but only about 2% -4% of patients with breast hyperplasia will be breast cancer. Here let us look at breast hyperplasia and breast cancer difference.
Mammary glands are appearing breast lumps and pain as a major clinical manifestation is neither inflammatory nor tumor proliferative lesions, which is based on the breast, acinar, ductal epithelial cells and connective tissue proliferation as the basic pathology changes in the general term for a class of diseases.

Hyperplasia symptoms:

  1. Breast pain
    For the symptoms of breast hyperplasia in the main performance. Often pain or tingling, can affect one or both sides of the breast to the side of the emphasis on common, severe pain and sadness were not touched, and even affect their daily subsistence and work. Pain and sadness to the main office of breast lumps, axillary to the affected side also, Xiong Xie or shoulder of radiation; some are manifested as nipple pain and sadness or itching. Often breast pain and sadness thrown in a few days before menstruation or aggravated, pain and sadness after passing significantly decreased or disappeared; pain and sadness can also fluctuate with emotional changes. This and the menstrual cycle and emotional pain and sadness is related to changes in mammary glands of the main features of clinical manifestations.
  2. Breast lumps
    The same for the symptoms of breast hyperplasia in the main performance. Mass may occur in unilateral or bilateral breast, single or multiple, occur in the upper outer quadrant of the breast can also be found in other quadrants. Overall mass-chip block, nodular, cord-like, granular, of which the chip block is more common. Tumor boundary was not significant, moderate or slightly harder texture, tough, good flow, no adhesion with the surrounding tissue, often tender. Lumps of different sizes, small in size as millet as large, and the larger can be more than 3 ~ 4cm. Breast lumps are also changes with the characteristics of the menstrual cycle, increasing the mass hardens before menstruation, menstrual cramps after the tumor size soft.
  3. Nipple discharge
    A small number of patients with nipple discharge may be thrown up, as spontaneous discharge, serous straw yellow or brown discharge.
  4. Menstrual disorders
    The patients can not schedule and see before and after menstruation, less or pale, may be associated with dysmenorrhea.
  5. Emotional changes
    Patients often go rather smooth or upset feelings of irritability, whenever anger, stress or fatigue after the increase.

Breast Cancer:
Breast cancer is one of the most common malignancy of women, according to statistics, the incidence of various malignant tumors account for 7-10% of the body. It’s often hereditary disease, and between 40-60 years of age, before and after menopause women have a higher prevalence.
Breast cancer symptoms:
Breast cancer is the breast epithelial cells under a variety of carcinogenic factors, the occurrence of the gene mutation, resulting in uncontrolled cell proliferation. Because the biological behavior of cancer cells has changed, showing a disordered system and malignant infinite. Histological manifestations of it is a lot of naive infinite proliferation of cancer cells to the crowded and chaotic-like lumps, extrusion and normal tissue near the corrosion damage, destruction of normal breast tissue structure. The main symptoms: breast lump, breast pain and sadness, nipple discharge, nipple changes, skin changes, axillary lymph nodes.
Mammary gland hyperplasia is breast cancer? In addition experts have warned that a proliferation of the female breast with false as the following situations when the need to guard against: the first is a longer time thrown hyperplasia; Second, feels much nodular hyperplasia very significant; third is his aged between 39 to 55 years of high incidence of cancer; Fourth, there is family history. If both these factors, women should pay special attention to avoid endangering the health of the body changes.
By the argument shows that hyperplasia is breast cancer? Breast hyperplasia and breast cancer there are many similarities, and hyperplasia have long died, then the potential to develop into breast cancer, so when breast abnormalities should be promptly found himself for treatment, in order to avoid misdiagnosis or missed diagnosis of delay in treatment, missed the best treatment period. Even with breast cancer, we must maintain a good attitude, and actively take the most effective treatment – a combination of Chinese and Western integrated treatment programs, such as taking Xeloda .

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