Will not contagious lung cancer

By | January 5, 2012

Lung cancer is contagious? So far, you can say for sure that cancer is not contagious. The infection must have three conditions: the source of infection, transmission and susceptible populations, three are indispensable. Clinical data show that cancer patients is not itself the source of infection.

Lung cancer is infection, before everyone thinks that "lung disease" is contagious, the "lung" is tuberculosis. Tuberculosis in sputum-positive patients referred to as open tuberculosis, are contagious, so hit cough, sputum, bloody sputum of patients should pay attention to disease prevention. Tuberculosis is transmitted through the respiratory tract disease, lung cancer and pulmonary tuberculosis is different from lung cancer is cancer in a variety of different factors, the local cellular dysplasia, loss of normal cell morphology and dynamics of malignant tumors. Because cancer cells by sputum sputum discharge evaporation and other factors, the rapid degeneration of cancer cells, necrosis, even if the fresh sputum, to make the cancer cells in vitro growth, reproduction, also need to give a variety of nutrition and specific conditions. Scientists to develop a living cancer cells often need to go through hardships to succeed, so cancer is not contagious.
Lung cancer is contagious? Animal experiments, the animals with tumors with and without co-feeding of animals with tumors, after a very long time, did not find the direct transmission. Some families have more than lung cancer or other tumors, this may be, and with a common gene family members and they may be in the same environment on cancer. Such as smoking, exposure to such radioactive material, so the family could have taken place with malignant tumors.

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