What are the rehabilitation of lung cancer care

By | January 5, 2012

What should be noted that lung cancer rehabilitation care:
1, completely quit.
2, the constant attention to the environment in the fresh air, and more to the natural environment to exercise or activity.
3, not in the public places to reduce the exogenous and upper respiratory tract infection.
4, to avoid exposure to the environment of the respiratory irritant.
5, lung cancer rehabilitation care to note whether there are signs of infection or bleeding or symptoms, including fever, chills, breathing faster, flushing, bleeding gums, hematuria, pulse accelerated, immediately notify the medical staff or the event of a return to a doctor.
6, eat less spicy food and phlegm lung injury things such as pepper, raw onion and garlic, fat and other things; eat foods rich in vitamin A and C of the food and clearing the lungs lungs and food such as carrots, grapes, lilies, Ci mushrooms, fried almonds, ginkgo, walnut, asparagus, Mangosteen, the loquat, pears and so on.
7, lung cancer rehabilitation care to adhere to the periodic review and take Qi lungs, heat anti-cancer traditional Chinese medicine for several years. If partial remission, the doctor should be closely observed mainly as the necessary treatment of TCM and Western medicine in order to gain long-term remission.

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