Why is cancer in the elderly high

By | April 7, 2012

Why is cancer in the elderly high, the incidence of cancer and the age has a very close relationship, statistics indicate that, in addition to central nervous system tumors and leukemia in children outside of the high-fat, most cancers of the hair growth with the age of the upward trend. From 20-year-old has played only 60 years old, will the incidence of tumors were increased by 2.7 times every 10 years; 65 cancer patients over the age of Khan, the total number of cancer accounts for more than 50%.
Why do cancer incidence in the elderly it?
Why cancer in the elderly high, the people through research scientists that have the following reasons:
(1) the long-term repeated endotoxin stimulation. 80% -90% of human cancers, directly or derived from environmental factors, of which 65% to 80%, and various chemical substances.
Because the elderly with access to chemical carcinogens such a long time, susceptibility to increased significantly. And cancer have a longer incubation period, so the incidence of cancer is relatively higher in the elderly.
(2) the body's humoral immunity and cellular immunity, as people grow older will abate. Immune function, such as serum thymic hormone levels, were to be opened after 30 years of age: the beginning of a downward trend; 70 years of age, reducing the absolute number of cancer cells in vivo. The body's cells in the proliferation process, will often produce mutant cells, then cancer risk occurs.
(3) age-related endocrine disorders. Old people are missing the secretion of the endocrine system training, and hormone imbalance, so easy to make certain hormones continuously acting on the sensitive tissues, leading to the malignant cells.
Why is cancer in the elderly high, (4) Some scientists believe that the incidence of certain human tumors and virus infection. The higher incidence of cancer of the elderly, mainly due to the increase of tumor susceptibility to the virus.

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