Early signs of liver cancer

By | April 8, 2012

Early signs of liver cancer, liver cancer is the growth of malignant tumors in the liver itself is changing all the cancer process in the most vicious kind, known as "cancer of the king," said.
Occult its onset, early general obvious symptoms, often misdiagnosed as hepatitis, liver version of swelling, liver cyst, liver cirrhosis, persistent swelling of the liver to the yellow disease, ascites, has entered the advanced stage.
Liver cancer early symptoms although not obvious, not easy to find, but based on clinical observations, liver and early, there are also performance: (1) upper abdominal discomfort gradually worsened, because the liver is not pain or tenderness; (2) loss of appetite , anorexia, progressive weight loss; (3) of hepatomegaly, some patients will be under the right costal margin or xiphoid hard touch suspicious packages; (4), malaise, weakness, fatigue, even if the rest can not eliminate; (5) are at high risk of liver, including: those who had suffered from hepatitis B (data were claws, such people the chance occurrence of liver cancer is about 3 times normal), a family history of A (liver cancer patients opportunities for their children is a normal occurrence of liver cancer 4 times), there is a history of schistosomiasis infection, hepatitis C, chronic alcohol drinking and chronic alcoholism, often changing eating poison peanuts, corn, rice, aflatoxin pollution food, is these people! but especially vigilant, regular physical examination, and when the early detection of liver cancer.
Early manifestation of liver cancer, in addition, clinical also found that liver cancer is also often have the following number of early extrahepatic manifestations:
Diarrhea, liver disease one by one is the first symptom of the more common, often several times a day stool, a paste or water-like: no abdominal pain, symptomatic cure effect is poor, and easy to re-reserve.
Hot one by one – mostly low heat or medium heat, heat up a few more than 39 C, anti-phase treatment ineffective.
Low blood sugar eleven early stages of hunger, palpitation, weakness feeling, eliminate the symptoms after eating dogs, severe enough to cause dizziness, sweating, and even coma.
Erythrocytosis one by one the number of red blood cells per cubic millimeter in the 500 to 550 million or more. Of red blood cells from the patients showed significantly increased blood tests, video letters evil spoon into liver cancer, the vertical degree of attention.
Thrombophlebitis over eleven superficial veins on the limbs, showing cord-like, there is pain.
Other symptoms appear one by one liver metastases occur easily through the blood of distant metastasis, such as bone pain, cough, hemoptysis, chest pain.
Early signs of liver cancer to early detection of liver cancer, not only to understand the early signs of liver cancer, and to carry out widespread health survey of unexplained liver pain, anorexia, weight loss, progressive hepatomegaly of the patients, especially is a high risk of liver cancer, to a high degree of suspicion with primary liver cancer, up to the hospital for AFP and B-ultrasound and, if necessary, we need to do CT, MRI, and abdominal angiography examination.

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