Early manifestation of lung cancer

By | April 8, 2012

Early manifestation of lung cancer., Lung cancer, there are many clear predisposing factors, such as: environmental pollution, long-term exposure to harmful gases, dust, irritating fumes, etc.; failed to cure respiratory diseases, chronic inflammation and stimulate cell mutation ; smoking hazards, regardless of their smoking or passive smoking; bad habits, trauma, etc., are related to the occurrence of lung cancer.
Lung disease gradually hidden, much of its early symptoms, and some people even notice it, but in physical examination (chest X-ray or X-ray films) was occasionally found. Once there was disorder, often close to the late stage, when treatment has been very difficult, and the mortality rate of patients with tongue.
However, the occurrence of lung cancer is not without performance. The following symptoms and signs that is, its early manifestations, such as the timely discovery, early diagnosis of lung cancer have some help:
Eleven sudden dry cough, cough more than two weeks, and anti-inflammatory treatment fails, or the original nature of chronic cough, sudden changes are:
One by one sudden bloody sputum, and there is unbearable chest pain, without obvious reasons explained by:
One by one lung auscultation, there are limitations wheezing, flute, nose and dry sound, not because of cough and change by:
One by one repeatedly appear somewhere in the lung inflammatory changes:
Limbs one by one without cause joint pain:
One by one can not explain the limitations of ordinary bronchitis, increased lung markings or limitations of gas
One by one the long-term smokers, cough change, and bloody sputum.
Early manifestation of lung cancer, particularly noteworthy is that for recessive lung cancer (cancer cells found in sputum, and chest, IlX abnormal findings) found that the proportion of the more lung cancer cure rate higher, therefore, how the early detection of hidden Lung cancer is very important. Recessive early detection of lung cancer in order, the following points are worth noting are:
(1) attention to implicit signals of lung cancer. Where according to lesion location, the place in attendance were often cough and phlegm in the trachea of blood, and peripheral in the lung can have no symptoms.
(2) with cough, sputum, blood, fever and chest pain, especially over the age of Jan. 45 '~ I,} what do radiology tests such as chest X-ray without exception (including lateral), can be corrected several times II cells. If cancer cells, bronchoscopy is done to further determine the pathological department apparatus. If cancer cells have not yet found, then the resistance to infection and symptomatic treatment, and review in 1-3 months after the chest.
(3), although no respiratory symptoms, but the age of 45 men over the age of long-term losers, or because of other diseases should be done when a doctor or a chest film perspective, there may be issued within 15% of asymptomatic lung cancer.
Early manifestation of lung cancer, (4) are heavy smokers (1 pack / day or more) persons with a history, if the conditions, it can take 4 months to find the chest X-ray and sputum investigation implicit or early lung cancer. It is reported that according to the force method with the peripheral type of lung cancer found that 70% of an early, often less than the diameter lesions, sputum cytology, is mainly used to find growth in the larger bronchi of lung cancer.

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