What is cancer metastasis

By | April 7, 2012

What is the transfer of cancer, many people with cancer, people often shift, and thus brought to the treatment more difficult, but also brought great harm to patients. So, how cancer metastasis? We can stop the transfer of it?
Transfer and spread of cancer is generally regular, a transfer method and means there are four hands:
What is the transfer of cancer (1) to the primary lesion as the center, along the resistance is lower than the loose organization or small organizations invasion to the surrounding space. Its edges are irregular, and some like the tree like, some like crab legs, some like rugged rock. Clinically, this phenomenon is called local spread.
(2) lymphatic spread. Thrombus to the nearby lymphatic or further afield transfer, and sometimes have to bypass the obstruction in metastatic lymphatic metastasis of other cancer cells can reverse and jump to the opposite side of the lymph node area to the settlement. Such as breast cancer lymph node most likely to transfer to their respective areas: lung cancer is often transferred to the body.
(3) cancer cells into the blood and then transferred to his Department. Most parts of the lung cancer metastasis formed within the first: First of all gastrointestinal cancer metastasis formation in the liver: metastatic cancer pelvic area more in the spine, pelvis, skull, etc. formed. Therefore, the diagnosis of cancer, doctors often use chest perspective, liver ultrasound, bone and stand somewhere in the film limited to such methods to these areas has proven cancer metastasis.
(4) cancer can be as a seed, scattered off the surface of the gastrointestinal and other organs, and the formation of cancerous nodules, masses, a phenomenon called "diffusion plant."
What is the transfer of cancer and metastasis is early detection, early diagnosis, early treatment, the cancer cells before the transfer will not destroy it; then there are in the treatment of primary tumor, be sure to thoroughly clean, to prevent residual cancer cells "comeback."

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