What response Radiation

By | January 2, 2012

Radiation therapy will always cause some local and whole body reaction, and radiation damage must be distinguished. Radiation damage is the tumor surrounding normal tissue after radiotherapy adverse consequences. Such as corneal opacity caused by radiation near the eye. Irradiated head and neck caused by brainstem or spinal cord injury rate, severe bladder and rectal reactions. Response to radiation therapy, disappeared after the cessation of exposure; and irreversible damage is often permanent changes.
Chemotherapy, which reaction (1) whole body reaction: reaction of local irradiation often appear over the body, but sooner or later appear, the severity of different, such as fatigue, poor appetite, anorexia, nausea and vomiting. In the large area, prone to high-dose irradiation, and reaction weight.
Deal more for the rest, and more into the liquid and soft diet, can reduce the radiation field and dose, given large doses of vitamin B6; and and tranquillizers. Severe cases suspend the radiation therapy.
Chemotherapy, which reaction (2) white blood cells, thrombocytopenia: is a common response. General leukocyte 4X1O9 / L, platelets 100 X 109 / L is the number of warning should be considered to reduce or stop the radiation therapy. Vitamin B4, leucogen, shark liver alcohol prevention and treatment effect. WBC 3X109 / L when it is appropriate antibiotics, and repeated blood transfusions.
What response to chemotherapy (3) skin reactions: like the sun, in a period of time the skin red, black, and then scaling. With increasing radiation dose, hair removal can occur, dermatitis, ulcer and so on. In the therapeutic range, stop the treatment that is able to recover. Large doses may left skin atrophy, bleaching, telangiectasia or subcutaneous tissue hardening. Massive or repeated exposure can occur in local tissue necrosis and unhealed ulcer, very severe cases can cause death.
Radiation process, the skin should be dry (axilla, groin, perineum and other moist parts of the reaction is very large). Avoid all the local friction, sun, heat, Sticking plaster and stimulant medication. Mild to moderate reaction with no treatment. Avoid scratching itchy burning, unbearable cold when available, alcohol rub, and used sedatives. When dermatitis occurs to prevent infection, keep dry. Ulcer formation can be deposited light ointment, such as lanolin, 5% boric acid, or sulfa ointment.
(4) mucositis: oral cavity, pharynx, vagina is a common response to the site. Due to different radiation doses, there may be congestion, edema (tingling, dry), ulcers, pseudomembrane (similar to diphtheria pseudomembrane), and bleeding.
Mucositis can be mild mouthwash, with antibiotics to prevent infection. Has clearly infected. Available hydrogen peroxide solution (hydrogen peroxide) mouthwash and antibiotics. Swallowing pain and inconvenience to those who chew. Use of surface anesthesia.
(5) salivary gland: 600–1000 Lun irradiation resulted in a basal cell salivary gland function stops, greatly reduced saliva secretion, saliva, and thick. Patients with dry mouth.
(6) Gastrointestinal reactions: nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, or even tumble and membrane ulcers, necrosis, hemorrhage, wear, obstruction.
Abdominal pain into the liquid or soft diet may be given mixture of compound tincture of camphor and other analgesics, diarrhea may be a bismuth preparation. Proctitis (diarrhea, fall) can be glucose, olive oil enema jujube skin and oral preparations. Also, where appropriate, reduce the dose, reduce the radiation field, to stop re-irradiation.
(7) bladder: a congestion, edema, ulcer, bleeding, and even a partial necrosis.
(8) testis, ovary, bone marrow, basal cell, children's bone terror, mused on the cornea are particularly sensitive to radiation, should be protected.
(9) chemotherapy, which react? Liver, gallbladder, and the moon, kidney, bone, central nervous system and other tissues can occur with therapeutic doses obvious dysfunction.

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