The concept of radiation therapy

By | January 2, 2012

The concept of radiation therapy: tumor radiation therapy called radiotherapy, is the treatment of malignant tumors, ANNA means. It is the use of radiation to treat cancer as a means. Between surgery and radiation therapy is a treatment between drug therapy methods.
The concept of radiation therapy, with the improvement of radiotherapy equipment. Treating the accumulation of experience and the use of high pressure equipment once the development of faster and faster. 50 years of the 20th century, the advent of artificial radioactive isotopes asked. Some isotopes have been strengthened since the penetrating power. So deep into the body parts of the tumor the dose. When the technical operation in the treatment of patients and applications using rotating irradiation. Can limit the beam to focus a larger target and less sensitive to damage the surrounding normal tissue. So that more extensive clinical application. Waveguide by the electron gun and low-technology manufacturing, intermediate and advanced electron linear accelerator. Can produce different energy X-ray and electron beam. Attached to the radiation physics, radiation biology and treatment technologies and the development of clinical oncology and radiotherapy in cancer treatment status has improved significantly.
Described above is the concept of radiation therapy, for your reference.

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