How to control the radiation response of colorectal cancer

By | January 2, 2012

Radiation response of colorectal cancer after radiotherapy should be followed up every 2-3 months, once a routine check to see the reaction after radiotherapy, complications and treatment.
If radiotherapy will strictly observe the split, split dose and dose-volume effect and other basic principles of radiation biology, preoperative radiotherapy is almost no complications, but also will not increase because of preoperative radiotherapy in patients with complicated post-operative disease. Large intestine radiation reaction, epilepsy, postoperative radiotherapy can scar the perineum sclerosis or mild enteritis, bladder inflammation, symptomatic treatment usually can be alleviated. Or radiotherapy in patients with postoperative recurrence in patients with pelvic or perineal dose often higher. To select an appropriate tumor without complications dose is very difficult. Clinically often both in the same patients appear to lack the tumor target dose can kill tumor cells, while the normal tissue dose too high and cause serious gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract and perineal skin and nutrition issues.
Radiation response of colorectal cancer, radiation exposure depends on the severity of complications tools, radiation dose, irradiation area, irradiation rate and the patient's specific circumstances. Common intestinal and urinary system response, diarrhea, membranous cramps, dysuria, urinary frequency and intestinal bleeding, women with vaginitis may also occur. Radiation field radiotherapy should be kept on the skin of dry, clean, do not use heat, irritant liquid bath.
Radiation response of colorectal cancer, in order to further improve the treatment of colorectal cancer in dogs, doing some exploration of new therapies, such as the different segmentation methods radiotherapy, intraoperative brachytherapy in the pipe, with radiotherapy and chemotherapy, radiosensitization same with drugs or radiation therapy to protect normal tissue. to be increased dose. Application of Radiation Protection in Radiotherapy agent WR2721. Has been initially observed in drug users in the skin, mucous membranes and blood reactions are lighter than the control group. And no protective effect against cancer. New Ray – the clinical application of neutrons are being further explored.

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