How to use the anticancer drug

By | January 2, 2012

How to use the anticancer drugs (1) for the first time medication should be timely and appropriate choice of the dose should not be too small, nor too large, should be combined with general condition of the patient and tumor load, pathological type and clinical stage.
How to use the anticancer drugs (2) should use the exact effect on experimental tumor and less toxic drugs, combination therapy should be the menu when you do have to use different clinical efficacy and toxicity, the role and mechanisms of the different parts of the drug.
How to use the anticancer drugs (3) try to avoid a long course of low-dose anti-swelling medication. Experimental research and clinical observation has fully proved that high-dose intermittent administration of bone marrow suppression and immune function in mild cases, only 10.6% with immune suppression, while the long course of low-dose immune suppression rate of 66.6%.
How to use the anticancer drugs (4) antitumor agents should strive for early use, and for a planned long-term use in cancer by early treatment, patients generally Dengjun bone marrow reserves and immune function better, smaller tumor burden, blood supply full, cells enter cell cycle are more resistant cell growth rate of large and small, and easy drugs into the cell, the general effect is good.
How to use the anticancer drugs (5) should be a comprehensive analysis, combined with specific conditions set out comprehensive treatment plans, such as in medicine, surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy, according to priorities such as the use of immunotherapy, chemotherapy should be considered for short and long term plans the same time, support and symptomatic treatment should pay attention.

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