How to select anticancer drugs

By | January 2, 2012

How to choose anticancer drugs? At present many types of anticancer drugs, the role of toxicity and side effects are different. Anticancer drugs in clinical use, the patient must be based on the tumor, the tumor cells and normal cells with different proliferation characteristics and the role of drug resistance is also the principle of appropriate choice.
How to choose anticancer drugs (1) according to patient choice: whether to bear physical condition, such as chemotherapy, immune status, the speed of disease development, invasion site. Multiple or single, early or late. Whether the lost opportunity to surgery or radiotherapy, tumor What kind of drug sensitivity and so on.
How to choose anticancer drugs (2) The choice of treatment: monotherapy for drug-sensitive tumors, such as seminoma, etc.; of a drug is not sensitive or selectivity, could combination therapy can also be integrated under the condition treatment such as surgery, radiotherapy, combined with Chinese medicine treatment.
How to choose anticancer drugs (3) According to the characteristics of selected drugs: According to the mechanism of drug absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion, toxicity and side effects of different choice. In the clinical application of the indications and contraindications to pay attention.
How to choose anticancer drugs (4) to choose according to the tumor: dynamic characteristics of the tumor cells, tissue type, clinical stage, cell number and the specific anti-cancer drugs such sensitivity. In short, the reasonable choice of medication, develop the best delivery options, to consider the patient, drug, tumor relationship between the 3. Conditions may, in accordance sensitivity of tumor cells and drug concentration monitoring of drug selection.

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