What anticancer drug contraindications

By | January 2, 2012

Anticancer drug contraindications, the current anticancer drug toxicity produced no ideal solution, cancer patients during chemotherapy can be severe nausea and vomiting, hair loss, loss of appetite, low body resistance and other symptoms. Anticancer drug contraindications:
(1), or cachexia frail older persons.
(2) bone marrow reserve is low. Radiotherapy or chemotherapy used as in the past resulted in the number of blood cells or bone marrow suppression were lower, clinical manifestations, white blood cell count less than: 3 X 1 O9 / L, platelets less than 50 X 109 / L, except credit to mold Su, BLM endures. generally disabled anticancer drugs. In recent years that Da Kaba winded (a microphone amine nitrogen), vincristine and other light on the bone marrow suppression, and Lomustine, mitomycin severe bone marrow suppression, in the clinical application should be closely observed.
(3) liver and kidney dysfunction, in particular, is the application of Puka adriamycin (ADM light of God), asparaginase, methotrexate should be noted that when the sentence is more functional compensation in case of liver and kidney. When the large dose of methotrexate, cisplatin and carboplatin, the renal function was normal conditions should be included as must have.
(4), cardiopulmonary dysfunction, such as cardiac dysfunction. Disable anticancer antimony, adriamycin, and definite neomycin; pulmonary insufficiency disabled or used with caution glory ADM, BLM, Maryland and so on.
(5) contraindications of anticancer drugs, usually for major surgery or radiotherapy, while large areas of treatment of anticancer drugs is disabled. Severe infection, high fever, dehydration or electrolyte, acid-base balance disorders and other complications in patients with caution or disable anticancer drugs, used a small dose of cisplatin 20 mg / day for 5 days every 3 weeks for a period, the total 300-500 mg, renal dysfunction, were hanged; Adriamycin on cardiac dysfunction were hanged; mitomycin use should pay attention to bone marrow suppression; methotrexate in severe cirrhosis of the liver were hanged.

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