What progress in cancer treatment

By | January 3, 2012

Treatment of advanced colorectal cancer (1) High-dose preoperative radiotherapy: the implementation of high-dose preoperative radiation therapy, can greatly improve the 5-year survival rate and decrease the local stage and recurrence, and need further exploration is how to split the radiation dose, and after radiotherapy How long is the best timing of surgery.
Cancer treatment progress (2) postoperative radiation: cancer recurrence and more around the tumor due to the presence of sub-clinical lesions caused by disseminated or surgical operation due to the DukesB, C of patients with postoperative radiotherapy may improve the local control rate reduce the local recurrence rate, but does not prolong survival.
Treatment of advanced colorectal cancer (3) postoperative chemotherapy drugs: DukesB, C The results showed that in patients with chemotherapy seems to improve the survival advantage, but not statistically significant, by intravenous infusion chemotherapy of liver lesions can inhibit the liver, lower local recurrence rate and improve survival, route of administration and drug combination is also explored.
Treatment of advanced colorectal cancer (4) Radiation: radiotherapy for advanced rectal cancer cases combined treatment, to improve the 5-year survival and local control rate of satisfactory results.
Treatment of advanced colorectal cancer (5) Other: If the heating treatment, the immune therapy.

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