What are the specific clinical manifestations of cancer

By | January 3, 2012

Specific clinical manifestations of cancer, straight colorectal cancer no obvious symptoms early, often in the rectal mucosa of a large mass appeared in the digital rectal examination has been able to reach the patient has no abnormal feeling, especially in no pain. Stimulate secretion but increased by straw film, while a small stool with mucus secretion. Continue to develop cancer of the rectum mucosa stimulate greater, the patient began feeling mild discomfort in the rectum, or often they intended to have a sense of nothingness, and mucus secretion, stool often see a strip on the surface mucus. Cancer specific clinical manifestations, and sometimes there may be symptoms of constipation, but not lumen stenosis is due. The formation of ulcers in the pre-cancer, patients often have diarrhea, and stool contain more mucus. When the tumor surface ulceration, the stool is more thin and can be mixed with water samples and mucus and blood. Many patients seek medical treatment at this time is often misdiagnosed as "itchy sore," "bacteria" disease, and delayed treatment. The progressive development of the disease, but cancer festering with infection, blood in the stool symptoms of the more prominent, almost always are the mucous bloody stool. Off if festering cancer, or cancer of the large blood vessel injuries, heavy bleeding may occur, but rarely see.
Cancer specific clinical manifestations, disease continue to develop, under the stool was like disease, increased frequency of day and night, so often tenesmus sense. At this point it gradually in patients with weight loss, anemia and significant physical weakness. Wall around the cancer to develop into one week, due to intestinal stenosis may cause chronic symptoms of incomplete intestinal obstruction, or stool was fine and the sheep-like, sometimes filling the stool top a narrow lumen, or when the formation of intussusception, obstruction more obvious symptoms, the patients abdominal distension, intestinal visible. Generated when the hiccup over-expansion of bowel, vomiting. Cancer pain, partly because the obstruction resulting from paroxysmal abdominal pain, one hand at a later period, the spread of Qinru rectal cancer tissues and organs nearby, and have persistent pain, most notably for the sacral nerve plexus was invaded time and place sacral area pain, the pain may radiate to the waist, can also form sciatica. Cancer spread to the male prostate and bladder, the vagina, uterus and accessories, they can produce a variety of symptoms are against organ. Because the surrounding tissue infections rectal abscess and fistula can be formed. When transferred to the peritoneum or liver cancer, etc., they can ascites, jaundice, leg edema and cachexia and other late symptoms.

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