Rectal examination DRE

By | January 3, 2012

Anal rectal palpation examination is to check the right hand index finger by finger or the right to wear gloves, the index finger and patients have put some lubricant anal, first by pressing the skin around the anus to check for tenderness, stroke movement and mass, often Tip perianal inflammation, clothing swelling, mass and fistula, and then slowly into the anus, anal canal and rectum check the situation. Rectal examination DRE should pay attention to the following aspects:
(1) gentle movements: a sudden force the fingers into the anus can be due to sphincter spasm by stimulation, resulting in pain, especially with anal fissure, when the wounds have to be careful. Allows patients mouth blowing to reduce anal tension.
(2) Note the tension anal canal: anal tension suggestive of inflammation.
(3) Check the anorectal ring: This ring is made from within the external sphincter and levator ani muscle, puborectalis common form, the strengths and weaknesses of this ring contraction reaction can be part of the belly door sphincter capacity.
(4) rectal examination: the lower rectum is almost the length of 8 cm can be felt, carefully check the rectum before and after, left, right wall with or without tenderness, masses and narrow, and pay attention to tumor size, hardness, activity can diagnose many diseases. Rectum and abdominal bimanual pelvic disease and tumor invasion of the range provides valuable information.
(5) After the inspection, rectal palpation to check the finger, with or without blood or mucus, to see the blood is bright red or dark red, can also help diagnosis.

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