What is the early detection of lung cancer cases

By | December 14, 2011

Lung cancer , also known as primary lung cancer is the growth in the bronchial mucosa or alveolar with cancer. It is a serious threat to human survival one of the major malignancies. In recent years, its incidence and mortality rates are rising at an alarming rate, significantly more than men, women, high age of 40-60 years. Generally believed that the increased incidence of lung cancer and epidemiological factors. Smoking, industrial waste and air pollution is a major risk factor for lung cancer. In the industrial area of disease and lung cancer-related substances are: asbestos, radioactive material, broken, aluminum salts, the town and the coal tar and petroleum products and so on.
Highly malignant cancer with poor prognosis. About 80% of patients die within one year after diagnosis, the median survival of 6 months or so, which is 4-9 months adenocarcinoma, small cell carcinoma squamous cell carcinoma 5 months 7-8 months. The overall 5-year lung cancer survival rate is only 5% -10%. Therefore, early detection of lung cancer, fight as soon as possible to adopt a comprehensive treatment based on surgery is to improve the 5-year survival rate of the key.
Common early symptoms of lung cancer are:
How early detection of lung cancer (1) more than the occasional cough, dry cough, little sputum or no sputum, sputum may be a small amount of white foam, after more than tired. Cough time is not fixed, once with the position element off.
How early detection of lung cancer (2) hemoptysis or bloody sputum from cancer tissue necrosis, ulceration caused by broken capillaries caused. The amount of sputum and hemoptysis duration of tumor tissue and the degree of vascular injury is sustained over 0, blood stained sputum or small blood clots, blood was bright red or dark red, the general treatment of difficult to control. Hemoptysis or bloody sputum in the blood are usually less in a few cases, tumor erosion of large blood vessels, can cause big mouth hemoptysis.
How early detection of lung cancer (3) chest pain, chest pain, mostly in the advanced stage of lung cancer, but if the tumor is located near the pleura, chest pain may be earlier, the performance of irregular or dull pain. When a direct violation of the pleural cancer when you can have sharp chest pain, cough or breathing heavier.
How early detection of lung cancer (4) Early lung cancer rarely fever heat, but when cancer tissue necrosis, can cause low, moderate fever antibiotics ineffective., , , When the lesion near the center of the hilar type of lung cancer growth and development to the lumen endobronchial obstruction or blockage can cause half-obstructive pneumonia, caused by body heat, this time the body temperature is generally around 38 0 C, after antibiotic treatment may be cooling, but If the lesion is not blocked in addition, repeated episodes of pneumonia.
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