The impact of obesity on tumor

By | December 14, 2011

Some statistics show that over obesity, a high incidence of cancer, especially colon cancer, breast cancer , uterine cancer, ovarian cancer. The older person likely to be obese, because calories substances, including fats, carbohydrates, protein excess, and reduced activities of the heat remaining in the body into fat accumulation. Too easy to get fat why tumor culprit is fat. Meat is the main source of fat. Study found that eating more beef, pork, animal fats are higher incidence of colon cancer, and eat rice, corn, beans and vegetable fiber colon cancer incidence is relatively low, so that the intake of high fat, beef and lack of dietary fiber is induced Results colon cancer risk factors. Generally believed that the relationship between animal fat and colon cancer more closely than the vegetable fat, while the combination of fats and fat than the free type closer. But vegetable oil is also a factor in colon cancer.
Dietary fat not only observe but also related to colon cancer and breast cancer are also related. The large number of epidemiological survey data to statistics, that the excess nutrients. Especially the high fat diet, breast cancer is one of the factors. Eat less fat, vegetarian and a lower incidence of breast cancer in women as well as beef, pork, butter and margarine consumption is proportional to the incidence of breast cancer. Fish do not eat saturated fat diet Eskimos eat animal saturated fat than people who significantly reduced the incidence of breast cancer.
It was explained that obese women with breast cancer and endometrial cancer incidence, and its synthetic estrogen in vivo, in particular, raise the efficiency of female pay. Calorie restricted diet, weight control overweight, can reduce the incidence of cancer. Obese than normal weight or less are more susceptible to cancer experiments verified that calorie restriction can reduce the incidence of animal spontaneous tumor, tumor extension of the incubation period, and can inhibit the development of transplanted tumors. Animal studies also found that using physical or chemical carcinogens induced animal tumors, the animals fed with high fat diet than normal incidence of animal tumors appear earlier time.
Promote tumor formation on the causes of fat, some scholars believe that:
The impact of obesity on a tumor, meat fat and polyunsaturated fatty acids to produce lipid decomposition wake up. Experimental results show that MDA is carcinogenic in mice wake up the role of the human digestive tract such compounds have the same effect.
Second, the impact of obesity on cancer, excessive obesity, excess body heat, resulting in lipid metabolism, cholesterol and fatty acids in the body too. Blood free fatty acids and cholesterol on the cellular immunity, reticuloendothelial system and macrophages inhibit the function of suppressed immune function, so easy to be induced and proliferation of cancer cells.
The impact of obesity on cancer of the Environment of the many harmful substances are fat soluble, and only dissolve in fat can be absorbed by the body. If too much dietary fat composition, the addition of these harmful substances absorbed by the body the possibility of such hazardous substance is carcinogenic if, naturally increases the chance of inducing cancer.
In addition to increasing the risk of some cancers outside the body too much fat can bring many other hazards, such as susceptibility to hypertension, coronary heart disease and diabetes. Therefore, we should properly control calorie intake, and actively participate in physical labor and physical exercise, maintain a reasonable weight. This is to reduce cancer, a good way to prolong life, middle-aged friends should pay attention to this point.

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