What are the factors that can cause cancer in vivo

By | December 18, 2011

Factors that lead to cancer, in addition to external factors, but also with its own body of factors:
Factors that lead to cancer (1) genetic factors: According to the great biologist Gregor Mendel's genetics, scientists have conducted repeated studies, the final conclusion: in many malignant tumors, retinoblastoma can only genetic, but also in all the retinal cell tumors, only 40% are hereditary. The current study results suggest that cancer is not a direct genetic disease, but does have a small number of familial aggregation of cancer of the tendency.
Factors that lead to cancer (2) endocrine factors: the human body has many endocrine glands secrete hormones that they secrete a variety of hormones to maintain the body's normal activities. When these hormones too much or too low, endocrine disorders can occur, causing related diseases. Based on the clinical aspects of the data that estrogen may cause breast cancer and the role of female genital cancer, oral contraceptives containing estrogen can significantly increase some rare benign liver tumor risk. Obesity is a major endometrial cancer risk factors, because fat cells produce estrogen is easy, but fat cells form tumors in the endometrium itself is a major disease for figurines.
Factors that lead to cancer (3) immune function: In simple terms, the immune function is the ability of the human body fight disease, immune function in 3 areas: the immune defense, immune balance and immune surveillance. Immune surveillance can prevent cancer, mutations in somatic cells, a large number of studies have shown that the generation of tumor immune surveillance with dysfunction or defects are closely related. Congenital immune deficiency prone to cancer than normal due to heavy use of long-term kidney transplant immunosuppressant cancer incidence rates were 100 times higher than normal. AIDS is the immunodeficiency virus-induced acquired immune deficiency disease, often accompanied by the occurrence of cancer.
Factors that lead to cancer (4) psychological factors: tumor occurrence and development is closely related with the mental state. Often leads to excessive volatility in the spirit of endocrine disorders, and endocrine disorders can cause vital organs such as the immune system, reduce the weight of thymus and lymph nodes, blood lymphocytes decreased immune function and significantly reduced the susceptibility to tumors. American Cancer Society states: psychological factors on which the patient's immune system against cancer invasion is a major influence; country medicine impassioned (joy, anger, worry, anxiety, grief, fear, surprise) is not transferred is the pathogenic major factor. Too emotional fluctuations can be caused by imbalance of yin and yang, qi and blood are not, and, organs dysfunction, caused by cult poison took the opportunity to infiltration, phlegm and blood cult poison each node can form lumps.

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