In vitro factors that lead to cancer

By | December 18, 2011

The incidence of cancer there are many other factors, including external factors. The carcinogenic effects of chemical carcinogens, there are two: First, direct contact with parts of a carcinogenic effect of chemical substances, called carcinogens; the other is in itself alone can not cause cancer, but can promote other substances cause cancer, said the promoter agent.
Now the chemical substances known to cause cancer than 1000 kinds. Including natural and synthetic, they see can be divided according to chemical structure:
In vitro factors that lead to cancer (1) aromatic gum: such as coal tar, bitumen, crude paraffin, miscellaneous hope oil, benefit oil, these substances contain a benzo 3,4 in, is an important carcinogen , also a lot of content in tobacco.
(2) dyes: such as azo dyes, plastic ethylbenzene, biphenyl, such as plastic, are highly carcinogenic.
In vitro factors that lead to cancer (3) nitrite rubber: Due to the small number of naturally occurring, but by the role of bacteria in the human body can synthesize a large number of sub-nitrate gel, is an important digestive cancer carcinogens.
(4) fungal toxins: is the metabolic products of certain fungi that can cause cancer. Such as aflatoxin and so on.
(5) other inorganic substances: such as monument, Ming, town, etc. and their compounds, and asbestos are carcinogenic.
In vitro factors that lead to cancer (6) melted together. : Busulfan, cyclophosphamide gaze intently plastic, nitrogen mustard, melphalan.
Although in daily life and nature there is a wide range of chemical carcinogens, but can not say that cancers are caused by chemical substances. Even though chemical carcinogens in cancer played a leading role in the process, it also follows the principle of quantitative change to qualitative change. Under certain conditions, repeated long-term effects of chemical carcinogens, after a certain amount to only a qualitative change can be induced cancer.
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