Common cancer cause bad habits

By | December 18, 2011

People are likely to occur in each organ cancer. Research data indicate that not all cancers are related to diet are closely related, but some cancers may be diet related, or even a clear causal relationship.
(1), esophageal cancer occurs in the bad habit of leading
both drinking and smoking person has a better chance of esophageal cancer. indium low trace elements in food in areas of high incidence of esophageal cancer. diet of fresh green leafy vegetables and fruit intake, resulting in vitamin A, vitamin C deficiency, high incidence of esophageal cancer. wheat, corn-based food, zinc and niacin intake of residents with less, susceptible to esophageal cancer. armpit eat pickles and moldy food, intake of more glue nitrite carcinogen, induced esophageal cancer. have to drink hot porridge, hot tea, hot coffee habits of people prone to esophageal cancer.
(2) of gastric cancer
people eating smoked foods prone to gastric cancer. system regularly eat vegetables and dried salted fish fat can trigger cancer, may be more of these foods contain due to nitrite and nitrite. rich in vitamin C intake of vegetables, fruits, fewer residents, a high incidence of gastric cancer. drink two glasses of milk a day can prevent the occurrence of gastric cancer.
(3) Results colon and rectal cancer result in bad habits
too little dietary fiber intake. Fiber-rich foods are: whole grain cereals, legumes, vegetables, fruits, cabbage, especially the prevention of colon cancer. much animal fat intake (mainly beef and mutton fat) people susceptible to colon cancer. through a variety of meat, eggs, excessive intake of cholesterol may be related to the occurrence of colon cancer. often drink beer or other alcoholic beverages were, colon cancer incidence. Colon and rectal cancer occurred in the 40 years of age.
(4) liver cancer caused bad habits
eat moldy food, food is often contaminated by fungi and fungi produce carcinogenic toxins (eg aflatoxin), the most vulnerable to fungal elements contaminated food are peanuts, corn, rice, sorghum and peanut oil. consumption of food containing cancer-causing toxins in plants. Such as: prime Su Tiejian cycad fruit with yellow stick yellow tea bar brain. long-term excessive drinking can cause alcoholic liver cirrhosis, and ultimately develop into liver cancer. hepatitis B who also more prone to aflatoxin exposure to HCC.
(5) breast cancer
intake from beef, lamb and other meats too many women in high-fat foods prone to breast cancer. obese people, breast cancer incidence. Causes of obesity are complex, but eating too much is the main reason. fiber intake can lower estrogen excretion from the feces to reduce elevated blood levels of estrogen, estrogen has a role in inducing breast cancer.
(6) lung cancer
Dark green and yellow vegetables and fruit intake is too small. Is the main dietary factors. These vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin A Hu Luoka factors. Smoking is a major cause of lung cancer. All lung cancer caused by smoking are mostly those that vitamin A (including self-Su Hu Luoka) intake of the people.
(7) lead to cancer, bladder cancer occurs in the bad habits
as lung cancer research data, intake of vitamin A deficiency and the occurrence of bladder cancer. intake of saccharin, coffee, and possession of food may induce bladder cancer, but the evidence imprecise.

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