Therapeutic cancer caused by loss of appetite

By | March 25, 2012

For the disease, clinical treatment is often used as follows, Governing Law:
Loss of appetite caused by cancer treatment method (1) food product plug lag
Main symptoms: food smell bad break, dirty full of bloating refused to press, heating humic acid foul odor, abdominal pain, diarrhea soon after, dirty smelly stool, constipation, or unreasonable, food history of injury, tongue thick muddy, slippery pulse.
Governing Law: digestion Daozhi, Xingpi appetizer. Sick from the food product, dysfunction of the spleen and stomach is satisfied, it must digestion Daozhi, Xingpi appetizer.
Recipe: Paul and the pills of the CD. Hill graft, Divine Comedy, forsythia, Citrus, Pinellia, Levin served son.
Clinical Reference: heat of a food product who can do Tongfu capture method, but the disease lasts, not abuse, to avoid injury of the spleen and stomach gas. This permits more common in indigestion, incomplete intestinal obstruction, etc. Syndrome.
Loss of appetite caused by cancer treatment method (2) wet muddy resistance
Main symptoms: no appetite, chest wrist swelling of the liver, nausea, vomiting at the Pan Qing District evil saliva, because tired fatigue, bowel lu and unhappy, greasy tongue coating, slippery pulse moisten or more.
Governing Law: Spleen dampness, Huazhuo appetizer. Difficulties due to resistance in the wet muddy, loss of transportation of the spleen, the stomach is not satisfied, so the temperature and dampness to be bitter, aromatic Huazhuo, treatment spleen appetizer.
Recipe: Not-for-gold upright bulk of the CD. Herb, Qing Breit, Magnolia, wide Citrus, Patchouli, Shih Po, from nutmeg.
Clinical Reference: This card often stagnation, food product and see, treatment and wet each other and easily hurt the spleen yang evil, treatment can be selected as appropriate for use spleen yang, such as Atractylodes, Codonopsis, Ginger, etc., if From the heat of the wet, injured stomach yin, yin and dampness should be compared with the Wu. Note that heat without Shangyin, Yang Wei Sheng Jin does not help wet.
Loss of appetite caused by cancer therapies (3) qi Results
Main symptoms: not hungry do not eat, the two threatened puffiness, walk channeling pain, Nick inverse, warm air, the spirit of Yang Yu, or anxiety, irritability, insomnia, happy and relieved the event. White or yellow tongue fur, pulse string.
Governing Law: Liver qi, spleen and stomach. Due to liver qi stagnation, spleen and stomach grams of guilty, and therefore thinning of liver and spleen and stomach in parallel.
Recipe: Xiaoyaosan of the CD. Bupleurum, Angelica, white Gou, Atractylodes, Ling night, called on ginger, mint, licorice.
Clinical Reference: This class permits more common in depression or depressed mood because of the disease in patients with too much pressure, causing neurological and gastrointestinal secretion of digestive juice Syndrome.
Loss of appetite caused by cancer therapies (4) spleen and stomach Qi
Main symptoms: loss of appetite, I do not know hunger, a little food that is full, the hospital distention, thin stools, shortness of breath lazy words, Shenpi fatigue, pale tongue, white coating, slow weak pulse.
Governing Law: Spleen Qi, appetizers help satisfied. Due to dysfunction of the spleen and stomach is satisfied, it is required to facilitate the transport aspects of spleen Qi, on the one hand to facilitate the receiving of aromatic appetizers.
Recipe: Yi Gong San flavor. Codonopsis, Atractylodes fried night Ling, Kwong dried tangerine peel, Hong Yuan, Amomum, raw Guya, licorice.
Clinical Reference: If Qi settlement, could add sight, Bupleurum; stomach Deficiency number, you can add ginger; fullness after eating, Nan Xiao, could add Divine Comedy, Gallus gallus domesticus.
Loss of appetite caused by cancer therapies (5) lack of stomach yin
Main symptoms: hungry Yushi, stomach homes burning, throat dry mouth, thirst hi drink, upset, insomnia, five upset hot, constipation, and less red yellow urine, red tongue, little coating, pulse slightly small number of .
Governing Law: nourishes stomach yin. Due to lack of stomach yin without thinking food, governance in order to nourish Stomach Yin Yin enough to stomach, since food can be satisfied.
Recipe: Yip's stomach soup of the CD. Littoralis, large Ophiopogon, Polygonatum, raw yellow, white beans, plum, raw licorice.
Clinical Reference: If the hospital is not hungry belly noisy, could add Gallus gallus domesticus, were Ling, the right to run down Stomach; if distention, could add Lily, to smooth air-aggregata; if the burning sensation was significantly could add a little berberine. The disease more common in patients receiving radiotherapy.
Loss of appetite caused by cancer treatment method (6) spleen deficiency
Main symptoms: eating tasteless, stomach homes full, Yuhan is made, thermophilic hi by, drink a little lax in the hospital over Yu Tu, pale mouth thirst, cold limbs, stool End Valley is not based, fat, pale tongue white fur or water slide, the pulse was weak.
Governing Law: Warming spleen, Nuanwei help satisfied. By spleen and kidney yang deficiency, so the fire to make adobe Expelling Wenshen, spleen Nuanwei to help satisfied.
Recipe: Double Caps spleen and kidney of the CD. Codonopsis, Huang Min, yams, Pakistan set days, psoralen, treating diabetes, dried tangerine peel.
Clinical Reference: Clinical more common in some of the cards are somewhat Deficiency advanced cancer, all kinds of dysfunction and failure of a number of diseases such as renal dysfunction. Deficiency in focus than the author, add ginger ale; were no fire under the coke, plus monkshood.

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