How to treat tumors caused by loss of appetite

By | March 25, 2012

Loss of appetite caused by the treatment of cancer 1. Western Medicine
(1) should facilitate treatment tablets , 160mg / piece, each 1 tablet 2-3 times daily, orally. After taking the drug can significantly improve the symptoms of anorexia in advanced cancer patients, significantly increased after taking water may be appropriate to reduce the dose, change the maintenance dose.
(2) Lactasin, 0.3g / tablets, oral, 0.8 each time, 3 times daily; vitamin B, 50mg / tablets, oral, 0.7 each time, 3 times daily; more PAN Li-corner, 10mg / tablets, oral, Each l0mg, 3 times a day. The same time taking all three drugs, can help promote digestion, increase appetite effect.
Loss of appetite caused by the treatment of cancer 2. Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment of drug treatment in Chinese medicine for the dialectical analysis of the characteristics, so that they meet some sort of temporary license permits the pathogenesis of type to be used for modulating the appropriate herbs, it is the loss of appetite Analysis of several aspects are summarized below.
(1) food product plug lag: food product stopped on the gastric organs, not of stagnation sese, spleen and stomach of the lifting operation of the dysfunctional, air-barrier, the dirty rotten knot in the stomach, the stomach Zhuoqi, the filth foul smell food, the hospital distention, warm rot Tunsuan.
(2) wet muddy resistance: Spleen wins wet, wet cloud condensate as sputum, block in the coke, the stomach of licensing and operation of the receiving function, phlegm inside the helmet, block air-Qing Yang does not rise, cloud overcast drop against the turbid yin not think of eating on the pan Stomach, chest stuffiness hospital, the pan clean spit saliva; if cloud of burning heat, phlegm-heat each end, the government also eating less than gastric disturbances, irritability, vomiting.
(3) qi Results: emotional disorders, anger dispersion, air-against the chaos, Wang guilty of the spleen, the impact of Stomach and spleen of the operation and the reduction of, therefore I do not know hunger.
(4), spleen and stomach Qi: empty stomach, the spleen is less than the transport capacity of the stomach of receiving no power, gradually decreased appetite, lack of biological sources, blood deficiency, blood is not sufficient to support the skin, while the performance of Shenpi fatigue, pale .
(5) Stomach-Yin deficiency: more after a long illness from the radiation or Shangyin, or liver of Huozhuo Yin Ye, or the element is Yin Huo-wang of the body, coupled with the damage of chemotherapy, the stomach caused by stomach Run Yin Kui dereliction of duty reduction, the hungry but Yushi, stomach burning, heat disturbance of mind, throat, mouth pain, drinking water to help themselves.
(6) spleen deficiency: illness and frail, or too cold serving, grams of cutting the spleen and stomach qi yang yang decline, Xiayuan no fire, no right temperature of the water of the valley is not subtle, chill pool filling in the coke, Wu bed showed tasteless diet, stomach fullness hospital, yang is not sufficient to support the four at the end, the skin is cold limbs and so on.
These are loss of appetite caused by cancer treatment, the patient's actual situation according to their choice of treatment.

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