Chinese medicine treatment of breathing

By | March 25, 2012

Because Chinese medicine due to the respiratory tract caused by physical factors prisoners: the treatment, so when the number of Chinese medicine treatment is to help break the status of the treatment. Differential Treatment of Chinese medicine treatment in accordance with the principles of breathing, breath real and imaginary sub-Two Proof asthma treatment, will help alleviate the symptoms.
Chinese medicine treatment of breathing (1) real surge: a common cause of evils Fanfei, phlegm intrinsic, emotional and chronic illness like other workers, leading to lung soil inversion, declared down dereliction of duty. Main symptoms: chest Manchuria Chuaner snapped, and even the chest Ying Yang rate, cough, phlegm sticky white color, slightly negative spit, both look poor appetite, bad mouth area will be parked, white and greasy fur, slippery pulse moisten. If the phlegm of the heat, and more common and thick yellow or a combination of fever, yellow and greasy fur, slippery pulse number embolism.
Governing Law: phlegm dampness. If the phlegm of heat, heat phlegm dampness.
Recipe: raised three sons together Erchen pro soup. Pinellia 10g, night Ling l5g, dried tangerine peel 15g, licorice 10g, Su 10g, Mustard Seed 10g, Levin Fujiko l5g. Cang this can be added 10g, such as dampness Lipi Magnolia l5g qi to help the phlegm Jiangni. Phlegm Plug, asthma is difficult levels were, plus the British soap 10g, do the house 10g, Ditan addition to plug in asthma. Phlegm clip marks, see breathlessness gas inverse, throat phlegm, facial lip dark purple, dark purple tongue, those tired of the door method, available Ditan soup, plus peach kernel 10g, safflower 10g, red Gou 20g, water bug to Phlegm 10g and other addiction.
TCM treatment of wheezing (2) virtual asthma: Patients with chronic illness more by wasting, loss of the nursed back to health, leading to insufficient lung, gas main caused nothing can be combined spleen or kidney deficiency. Weak lung disease, cough lung injury, lung qi decline, loss of the primary gas, while the occurrence of breathlessness. Inadequate pulmonary blood line of poor, but also cause deficiency bloodstain, causing breathlessness worse. If the extension of unhealed chronic illness, from lung and kidney, or workers want to renal injury, won in essence, the kidney is the root of gas, gas of sodium intake, so the kidney injury is no truth, there is not solid, sodium intake disorders, can not help qi, qi lost sodium intake, on the out of the lungs, a few people, Ben is on a surge against the gas. If Yang weakness, not of renal water, evil overflows, dry lung Ling heart, lung Shangni, heart yang vibration, can also cause asthma, the performance of the virtual reality of the climate in the folder.
Main symptoms: breathlessness and short breath, humbly gas is low, nasal sound of jets, Kesheng low weak, thin drink of sputum, spontaneous fear the wind, easily cold, pale tongue, weak pulse. Or breathlessness course of time, shortness of breath, respiratory and more smoke less, moving the end of a very, air shall not be renewed, often Yinming Shen and urine incontinence, or urine, after more than Lek, face blue with cold extremities, pale tongue fur is thin, weak pulse micro Shen.
Governing Law: replenishing the lung, spleen and kidney.
Recipe: Yu Ping Feng San. Min Huang 20g, Bai Zhu 20g, add milk 30g, cotton root l0g. Or Bufei Tang Yu Ping Feng San, Huang Man 30g, Atractylodes, was Ling, licorice all l0g, wind 5g, five ignorant child l0g, ginger suppository, Pinellia, Magnolia, Citrus the l0g.

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