How to treat wheezing Western

By | March 25, 2012

Is caused by multiple etiologies, in the treatment of patients should be based on the cause, take appropriate treatment.
Western medicine treatment of wheezing (1) in patients with acute asphyxia, in the case of high tracheal lesions can be considered a tracheotomy.
Western medicine treatment of wheezing (2) bronchoscopy to remove the tumor directly, or by bronchoscopy line cryosurgery. Vision is the lack of small diameter, usually caused by poor visibility caused by bleeding wound quickly, and tissue fragments of surgery does not exclude the net.
Western medicine treatment of wheezing (3) an aluminum endoscopic broker a garnet laser endobronchial tumor resection, application of this method is convenient, multi-use tube lens endoscope or bronchoscope, removal of the tumor under local anesthesia, operating in the surgical field fully condensed, less bleeding, is the most widely used treatment. However, after laser treatment may cause bronchial perforation, so the required surgery laser beam should be parallel to the axis of the trachea in order to highlight the removal of the tumor in the tracheal lumen.
To extend the laser treatment, the introduction of conditional units in recent years after laser treatment combined with radiation therapy Endobronchial short-range, using 60Co or 192Ir, the effective exposure include bronchial wall and bronchial cancer in the past been conducted in vitro radiotherapy in patients with this method can be applied to release the stent bronchoscopy.
Western medicine treatment of breathing (4) or total removal of the inoperable patients with tracheal lesions, no short-range radio remote conditions should be local radiotherapy, such as the degree of airway obstruction and severe in the corticosteroid should be given before radiotherapy dexamethasone l6mg / d graded service. Kai Li treatment of lymphoma a total dose of 40-50G-y (4000-5000rad) / 5 weeks, solid tumors 60-70Gy/6-7 weeks, the standard amount of sub-sub-1.8-2Gy / d ,9-10Gy / weeks. Must protect the spinal cord, in the treatment of airway disease in the spinal cord during radiation received by the amount of not more than 40-45Gy.
Western medicine treatment of breathing (5) In general, airway obstruction is not sensitive to chemotherapy the tumor, but with the new chemotherapy drugs continue to find that the choice of certain types of cancer chemotherapy, particularly lymphoma.

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