The principles of lung cancer patients to eat

By | April 15, 2012

Early and middle lung cancer patients, their digestive system is basically normal, and in the clinical diagnosis, lung cancer patients to eat in time to the body nutritional supplements to enhance immunity, prevent or delay the emergence of cachexia. If given adequate treatment in clinical nutrition, good physical condition of patients to chemotherapy, radiation tolerance is increased, treatment and prognosis is good. Therefore, in the early and middle lung cancer patients in the digestion and absorption capacity under the conditions allowed, as soon as possible to add various nutrients, such as high-quality protein, carbohydrates, fats, salts and vitamins that help the disease recovery. Lung cancer patients should be taboo fishy oily, spicy and tobacco, alcohol and other spicy food.
Lung cancer patients during chemotherapy should be given to what foods
Lung cancer patients during chemotherapy may appear like a drop of blood, leukopenia, lung cancer patients should eat a comprehensive nutritional supplement, and more meat, fish, eggs, milk, beans and fresh fruits and vegetables, can cater for food Silky, spine , ribs, liver, animal blood, gelatin, peanuts, red dates and other blood food. Such as jujube 10, 30g red bean porridge, etc.; jujube 10, longan 30g, arrested concubine 15g, 60g glutinous rice porridge by adding mushrooms steamed meat pie, steamed white fungus lean meat, lean meat soup worship sub-sea cucumber, peanuts, red dates braised ribs, spine stew, braised duck, etc., dates peanut soup, goose blood, chicken, duck, pig's blood soup.

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