It should be noted abdominal stoma patients

By | April 15, 2012

1. abdominal stoma patients should pay attention to dietary adjustments, try to eat less gas, easy to digest, less residue of food, eat cold, spicy food stimulation. Such as water spinach, corn, beans, onions, sweet potatoes, carrots and other food should be produced gas, eating too fast and swallowing air, drinking beer or drinks, gas production has also contributed to intestinal gas causes. Easy to make fruit and vegetables and increase the number of stool thinning, edible vegetable soup and juice. High fiber food vegetables and celery seeds food, persimmons, the fruit and so easy to cause obstruction, should be avoided.
2. Abdominal stoma patients should be taken to avoid collision of the abdominal wall colostomy, because of intestinal mucosa exposed, but also more fragile and could easily lead to bleeding. Fecal stoma when cleaning to protect the intestinal mucosa, in order to avoid rupture bleeding.
3. Abdominal stoma patients should pay attention to the early stages after surgery may not meet, under the guidance of medical staff should learn self-care, exercise, regular bowel movements a day, after a period of exploration and practice, may be on the abdominal wall stoma bowel habits gradually adapt to resume daily life, participate in appropriate social activities.
4. Abdominal stoma patients should pay attention to 6 weeks not to lift over 6kg in weight, so that abdominal pressure is too high, resulting in stoma prolapse, next to oil stoma complications can be moderate physical exercise. Timely treatment of cough, constipation and other diseases caused by increased abdominal pressure.
5. Abdomen 2-3 weeks after surgery the stoma may have mild edema, should be every 1 – 2 Weeks expansion of 1 for 2 – 3 months to prevent stenosis. Methods are: put on the cover, with the middle finger or index finger into the stoma slowly expanding to the surrounding. Found stoma stenosis, bowel problems should be timely treatment.
6. Abdominal stoma patients should pay attention to try to wear loose soft underwear, belts tied not to the stoma.
7. Abdominal stoma patients should pay attention to protect the stoma when bathing, to avoid injury. Colostomy usually does not require disinfection, cleaning with toilet paper and water to keep the skin clean around the stoma can be.
8. Abdominal stoma early, no more digestive juices absorbed, emitted more after eating a few thick secretions, corrosion peristomal inflammation or ulceration of the skin, the skin around the stoma in the oxide coating on the bowl plus anti-fungal ointment, ten minutes after the removal, leak-proof coated skin protection cream powder or paste made after the pocket.

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