Problems in radiotherapy

By | April 16, 2012

Radiotherapy should be noted that the problem is the need to draw in the surface radiation field tag line, washing soap is disabled, a little blurred when looking for doctors with special ink, painted, do not self-assertion, or allow family members described their own paintings, to avoid errors or inaccurate treatment site.
Adverse reactions are mild radiation, and chemotherapy compared to much smaller. Under normal circumstances can the successful completion of the radiation therapy, even if some of the reactions occurred during irradiation will go away soon after treatment or better, and not drop out treatment, affect the treatment outcome.
Before radiation exposure based on the scope of the head can first haircut, shave or cut hair, because in the radiation process, the hair may come off, but after treatment, the hair will soon grow out normally. Irradiation according to doctors told, gracefully position, posture, swing after the irradiated sites were completed, the license must not move parts of their own, because sometimes parts of themselves as having symptoms, not necessarily where the tumor site.
The course of treatment can not be self-medication. The doctor will check regularly given. In case of not promptly tell the doctor to give treatment. A certain prescribed time, the number of time to plan radiotherapy treatment room, you can not make changes.
Pay attention to what the end of radiotherapy
Problems in radiotherapy treatment after the end of the request by the doctor on time checks, treatment, treatment of radiation therapy after the end of Save the card to prepare for the next view its data. By appointment on regular review, in the case is not ready for treatment.

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