The impact of radiation on the skin and protection

By | April 16, 2012

The impact of radiation on the skin can be divided into two reactions.
acute skin reactions and damage: the general is divided into three degrees, I degrees: An erythema, flushing, itching, burning and the feeling of constant, daily, and slowly becomes dark, the surface of the skin off, known as dry in the clinical dermatitis. II level: local skin hyperemia rosy light, edema, tumor formation water, then water mark rupture, liquid leakage, as moist dermatitis in the clinical. III level: performance of white necrotic tissue coverage, clear boundary, the bottom of the smooth, crater-type was formed under the ulcer epilepsy, pain more severe, clinically known as radiation ulcers.
chronic reaction: A few days after irradiation, the response appeared a few years, thinning skin, superficial telangiectasia, sometimes with hyperpigmentation, skin desquamation fade and blast itching, vulnerable to injury and ulceration.
The treatment of skin injury
Radiation within the skin edema, exudate and severe erosion occurs, the first medical contact should be timely and radiotherapy, suspended radiation therapy, the patient pain, can not sleep. If these symptoms occur, cleaning and disinfection should be given to shy volts, remove the skin surface of the necrotic tissue, to the gentamicin solution spraying, drying with oxygen, gauze covered with a shy volts, plus gauze dressing, each dressing was changed every 2 days, Local can be more timely replacement of leaking. Patients using this method can reduce the pain of local exposure to dry skin, the effect is significant, easy application.
Radiotherapy of skin protection
Radiation therapy process, according to exposure area and parts of the skin to do radiation protection. Use a soft cotton underwear, should be spacious and comfortable, to avoid the rough clothing friction, radiation field with warm water and dip a soft towel and gently wash, local disabled soap or hot water immersion; local skin disabled shy wine, alcohol and other irritating disinfectant to avoid hot and cold stimuli such as heat, ice packs and so on. Irradiated against shaving hair with electric razor for shaving Maofa Yi, prevent skin damage caused by infection, irradiated skin against injection, puncture; go out to prevent direct sunlight, should be properly blocked; local skin Do not scratch, skin scaling should not for the tear strip.

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