The internal factors of colorectal cancer

By | December 30, 2011

There are many cancer-causing human factor in the environment, but in the same living conditions, it was cancer, and most people are for life not cancerous. This shows that the body's own internal environment of the cancer or not play an important role. In layman's terms, cancer cells as "seeds for growth of cancer cells taxi soil, coupled with the external environment as a fertilizer, so that the tumor was able to grow.
Intrinsic factors of colorectal cancer (1) genetic factors and certain tumors and genetic family a clear link. But the so-called genetic tumors, the tumor itself is not actually go in the genetic, genetic susceptibility to cancer, but is a known tendency or susceptibility. On this basis, coupled with the role of environmental factors in cancer, the cancer through a complex process in order to produce tumors.
Suffering from large intestine intrinsic factors (2) is the body's immune factors in the so-called immune resistance to disease. For example, there are many bacteria in nature, people living in them do not get sick every day, and some infectious diseases such as Ma-mo, typhoid fever can last a lifetime will not be sick, it is because the body has immunity to these germs.
Similarly, the human body is a malignant tumor immunity. Some clinical tumor spontaneous regression without treatment, some patients with tumor survival, and some of the primary tumor is removed, the metastatic tumor disappeared. More often it is, although each person every day live in a similar environment is full of carcinogens and the body at all times have the tens of millions of mutant cells, but most people can from cancer pain, which is what our bodies normally the result of the immune system, and immunocompromised persons are prone to tumors.
Intrinsic factors of colorectal cancer (3) the body's endocrine gland endocrine factors secreted hormones, regulators of human development and metabolism. Some cause disease or endocrine disorders, together with other factors together, make them prone to cancer in human organs. For example, endometrial cancer is common in obesity, infertility, late menopause women. Long-term use of estrogen can cause breast cancer.
Intrinsic factors of colorectal cancer (4) psychological factors that we often encounter some of the bad mood, emotional low, and soon cancer. This shows that psychological factors, particularly depression on the impact of the development of cancer is great. Mental depression incidence of cancer among the population several times higher than the general population. On the contrary, there are many cancer patients to treat diseases optimistic, with a strong belief in overcoming the disease, actively cooperate with the treatment, the disease progresses will be much better. This is because a good mental state to regulate neuroendocrine function, activation of immune system function, so as to achieve disease prevention, medical treatment purposes.
Intrinsic factors of colorectal cancer (5) age factors tumors have a certain relationship with age, usually after the age of 45 is a high incidence of tumor stage. Because, with age, as dwindling thymus, all organs gradually aging, various types of cells vulnerable to mutation. In addition, with increasing age, exposure to various carcinogenic factors are also increasing opportunities, and accumulation of carcinogens in the body, these are old people can easily cause cancer.

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