Diffusion transfer method of osteosarcoma

By | December 30, 2011

Bone metastases the most common primary tumor is breast cancer, lung cancer, thyroid cancer and renal cell carcinoma, other carcinoma, cervical cancer, gastric cancer, colon cancer, ovarian cancer, esophageal cancer, melanoma and lymphoma.
Spread metastasis of osteosarcoma clinical many ways, through various channels such as blood or lymphatic metastasis to bone tumors. Whole body bone metastases can occur, but the clinical to the ribs, vertebrae, ilium, pubis, humerus, femur and skull and other more common. Bone metastases the most common symptom is local pain. Pathological fracture can occur and the collapse of the bone or bone damage caused by the widespread diffusion of the corresponding spinal cord, cranial nerves and peripheral nerve compression caused by neurological symptoms.
Diffusion transfer method of osteosarcoma, osteosarcoma can spread around in the marrow cavity within the range can be large, such as the distal femur osteosarcoma can spread to the femur up 1 / 3. Since most of osteosarcoma age children and adolescents, yet before the ossification of bone, bone Confucianism can serve as a barrier plate to the bone to prevent tumor invasion Ru part. However, studies have shown that observed by the naked eye and microscope, osteosarcoma often by Confucianism board. And then spread to the joint side, violating the joint capsule into the joint and further damage the bone ends.
Most patients with osteosarcoma tumor or tumor cells can be worn by the Harvard cortical violation of the soft tissue tube. Sometimes there can be early "jump" type lesions, which separated from the main tumor, "jump" to the same bone in the main tumor can also be in its adjacent bone.
Diffusion transfer method osteosarcoma metastasis pathway for the blood, the most common in the knee, elbow or more parts of the bone marrow, individual patients can be transferred to the ring finger joints and phalanges, but also have lung metastasis, lymph node metastases by rare.

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