You can cure cancer

By | December 31, 2011

Cancers can be cured? Now, cancer has become a serious hazard to human health, destruction of family and social harmony, one of the factors. The cure for cancer has been controversial issues. There is no doubt that cancer is currently the major diseases that endanger human health, one of the basic control of infectious diseases by the countries, cancer and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases as causes of death were the first or second place. But in recent years, cancer treatment has been great progress. Have been able to cure some cancers, some cancer patients through treatment life could be extended for many years. That cancer is "incurable" disease, the treatment of loss of confidence is wrong. Cancer does not mean suffering from "incurable."
The cure rate from cancer point of view alone, the World Health Organisation data shows that in recent years, the cure rate of tumors from a variety of 20th century about 30 years rose 20% to 40%. That is, suffering from cancer, after treatment and be cured of the best number 30s in the 20th century, about 1 / 5, 40 years approximately 1 / 4, 60 years approximately 1 / 3, but in recent years Approximately 40% of cancer patients can be cured. In addition, there are a considerable part of the lives of cancer patients to a certain extension.
Cancers can be cured? In fact, reasonable treatment by some of today's cancer can be eradicated, the patient can get a lifetime cure or long-term survival. Early treatment of colorectal cancer after 5-year survival rate of 80% or more.
Late to many diseases, most of the treatment it is more difficult, especially cancer.
However, with the continuous improvement of treatment methods, new treatments and drugs continue to emerge, but also makes a number of early cancers do not belong, such as gynecological choriocarcinoma metastases, brain metastases, Hodgkin disease, testicular cancer, and so are the cure. Some radical previously inoperable tumors, such as the fib of gastric cancer, is currently available preoperative chemotherapy, radiotherapy and interventional therapy, the tumor shrink, limitations, and create opportunities for re-excision to improve the cure rate.
Cancers can be cured? In recent years, the work of Cancer Research at home and abroad have also been great development. Can be said that cancer is incurable. We believe that with the deepening of cancer research, and further proved the pathogenesis of cancer, will develop a more effective treatment, the days of the human conquest of cancer is not too far.

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