The impact of radiation on tumor

By | December 15, 2011

All kinds of radiation, including X-ray, the ray release of radioactive material, neutron radiation, are likely to cause or promote cancer. The role of radiation and radiation cause cancer the way, dose, and by the age of radiation exposure to the relevant parts.Impact of radiation on the tumor, radiation can cause leukemia are common in many tumors, skin cancer, osteosarcoma, malignant tumor of the lymphatic system, thyroid tumor.
Impact of radiation on the tumor, radiation causes cancer of the mechanism has not yet asserted, may be due to radiation damage to genetic material DNA of the cell structure of the destruction of the cell control mechanisms, the results turn into malignant tumors. Or radiation weakened immune function, resulting in blocking antibody class material, to promote tumor growth.
Impact of radiation on the tumor, radiation can be divided into two kinds of natural radiation and artificial radiation natural radiation dose is very low, less than human infestation. In general, the greater the body radiation dose, tumors, the greater the risk. Study found that female patients with tuberculosis often due to lung X-rays taken or fluoroscopy chance of developing breast cancer increased significantly. The mother during pregnancy X-ray examination of their fetuses than the opportunity to grow up troubles cancer X-ray irradiation did not increase over 509 gross. Although the X-ray examination is an effective means of diagnosis of the disease, but have stressed that the X-ray examination to avoid abuse of the necessary features should only be appropriate when the decision to use. Because of radiation on the human body tissues and organs have different degrees of damage, especially the hematopoietic system, gonads, lens, etc. greater impact, infants, pregnant women are particularly sensitive to the number of subjects with more damage will be. So the baby or child perspective, film orientation and congenital malformation checks should be minimized, especially pregnant women, baby less than three months shall not be excessive vibration abdominal plain film camera, some tests such as pelvic measurements, must be implemented later in the term .
Incidentally, the color TV and computer screen will produce fluorescent radiation, but they generate a small dose of radiation. Such as watching TV all day to see the amount of radiation suffered by the year of 0.48 Gy, however, the use of computers by year, only 0.17 Gy of radiation, these doses are far enough to cause cancer.

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