The characteristics of the elderly have cancer

By | December 15, 2011

With other age groups older than the tumor Besides general features of the tumor, there are some special characteristics.
Characteristics of the elderly have a tumor, the elderly susceptible to multiple malignant tumors, that is, a person suffering from the same time or successively in different tissues and organs of the primary cancer. According to statistics, multiple malignant tumors account for about 10% of the elderly, older, the higher the proportion of multiple malignant tumors.
Tumor characteristics of the elderly have two more elderly asymptomatic latent cancer, many elderly people alive no tumor, only to find after death an autopsy lesions, the older, more latent cancer. The most common tumor latent prostate cancer, kidney cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer. Old people asymptomatic latent cancer tumors may be due to the slow development of the elderly, died of heart symptoms even before exposure, cerebrovascular disease or other age-related diseases. Moreover, the "meta symptoms" is not absolute tumor symptoms may be masked by other age-related diseases.
Three elderly people have to tumor characteristics, the young cancer patients with multiple primary cancers showed some of the unique symptoms. The elderly cancer patients, or because the body gradually aging, or due to other diseases associated with, so often manifested in some non-specific symptoms. Such as weakness, weakness, body pain, general aging performance as easily be ignored.
Four elderly people have to tumor characteristics, as many age-related diseases, and many of the symptoms of these diseases compared with the performance of similar tumors, so the older the tumor was misdiagnosed as other non-neoplastic age-related common diseases. Such as bone tumors may manifest as joint pain and osteoporosis, easily mistaken for degenerative arthritis or rheumatism older, prostate cancer often have urinary frequency, urgency, dysuria, urinary thinning, nocturia more times, such as performance much like the common old male enlarged prostate; gastrointestinal tract tumors have indigestion, change in bowel habits and other symptoms, similar to the performance of gastrointestinal function decline; lung cancer early symptoms of cough and chest pain, easier and chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis, etc. Pulmonary common confusion.
Five elderly people have to tumor characteristics, the elderly low rate of tumor metastasis, which found the tumor, has been transferred to other parts of the body is relatively rare. The elderly may be due to slow tumor progression and metastasis of small power, the occurrence of partial transfer of late, and because of lower resistance to disease, died of metastatic cancer or other diseases before.
Because of these characteristics of elderly people suffering from cancer so the elderly should be higher on the vigilance of the tumor, the best regular check-ups to identify potential tumor lesions. Old people are not feeling that is not simply caused by aging or other diseases, and ignore or simply eat their own medicine wrong, should go to the hospital the doctor for examination and treatment, so as not to delay the disease.

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