What are the general performance of malignant

By | December 15, 2011

Cancer, by its nature, location, and the different levels of development, showing a wide variety of clinical manifestations. Early symptoms of cancer in general little or atypical symptoms gradually developed to a certain stage after the performance of a series of signs and symptoms.
Malignant tumors were classified into local performance, systemic symptoms, and three aspects of system dysfunction.
General symptoms of cancer (1) local performance
Mass is formed by abnormal proliferation of tumor cells, can be found or in the deep surface palpable mass, we can see organs (such as the liver, thyroid), or lymph node enlargement. The growth of benign tumors formed by slow, smooth surface. Line clear, the activity is good; cancer generally grows faster, the surface uneven and difficult to drive.
Common in intracranial pressure symptoms of oppression, neck, mediastinal, retroperitoneal, spinal canal and so on. If caused by intracranial pressure in brain parenchyma increased intracranial pressure can cause headache, nausea, vomiting, visual disturbances. Thyroid tumor can compress the recurrent laryngeal nerve, a hoarse voice. If the compression of the trachea or esophagus, causing breathing or swallowing difficulties. Mediastinal tumor compression on the vena cava, there head and neck swelling, shortness of breath, such as superficial venous engorgement of superior vena cava syndrome. Apex caused by tumor compression of sympathetic Horner syndrome. Retroperitoneal mass urination difficulties caused by oppression ureter, renal pelvis fluid: pressure caused by intestinal obstruction and so on. Spinal cord compression caused by spinal cord tumor with paraplegia.
Obstruction obstruction symptoms often occur in hollow organs such as breathing difficulties caused by bronchial tumor. Esophageal cancer caused by swallowing difficulties, symptoms of intestinal obstruction caused by large intestine cancer, bile duct, pancreatic head cancer causing yellow psychosis. Pain, pain caused by cancer have occurred for different reasons and nature of the pain sooner or later, are different. Some comes from nerves in the tumor and rapid tumor growth, such as osteosarcoma, often early pain; and some advanced cancer the capsule tense, organ rupture, tumor metastasis or infiltration of nerve pain caused by pressure appeared later. Liver tumor pain or dull pain began mostly at night obviously, and then gradually increase, pain, day and night, often accompanied by extreme tenderness and pain location.
Ulcer is formed by tumor necrosis, showed a crater-like or cauliflower, not pain, sometimes leaving the surface due to concurrent infection of the stench of bloody secretions, may be associated with ulcer pain at this time.
Tumor rupture or bleeding vessels can cause bleeding violations, if the tumor surface, bleeding can be directly found, if the tumor in the body, bleeding can be expressed as bloody sputum, mucus bloody stool or bloody vaginal discharge and so on. Heavy bleeding can be manifested as hemoptysis, hematemesis, or the blood, and repeated more than. Others such as bone tumors can lead to pathological fracture; lung cancer can cause pleural effusion; liver can cause ascites.
General symptoms of malignancy (2) systemic symptoms
Weakness and wasting due to tumor growth and fast, more energy consumption, coupled with decreased food intake of patients, caused by poor digestion and absorption. Insufficiency due to tumor fever, necrosis, or infection, cancer patients often have fever.
Anemia due to tumor recurrent bleeding, blood disorders or blood caused by poor absorption material. Cachexia (cachexia) in patients with advanced stage cancer of the systemic failure of performance.
General symptoms of cancer (3) system dysfunction
Where the tumor is caused by organ systems and physiological dysfunction. For example, outside the intracranial tumors can cause headache caused than visual impairment, facial paralysis, hemiplegia and other neurological symptoms; liver except for hepatomegaly or liver pain, it can also cause loss of appetite, abdominal distension and other gastrointestinal disorders performance, functional pancreatic endocrine tumors such as tumors, thyroid tumor cell tumor addicted Ming, appropriate endocrine abnormalities can cause symptoms. In one or more symptoms of cancer patients do not always appear, even if there is, sooner or later, and the degree of its vary.

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