The formation mechanism of dysphagia

By | March 24, 2012

Obstruction factors: cancer patients with swallowing difficulties, which occur more with the nature of mass, size, lesion location related. Under normal circumstances, the first food through the mouth, pharynx, esophagus, cardia, and to enter the gastrointestinal absorption. Obstruction often occurs following situations:
The formation mechanism of dysphagia 1) within the lumen of tumor growth: early esophageal and cardiac cancer patients often eat a sense of choking or food through the slow, or accompanied by a sense of stagnation, which is esophageal wall stiffness due to cancer-like lesions were caused esophageal systolic and diastolic dysfunction due. Advanced cancer in the esophagus in the major expansion of thickened wall, or lumen mushroom-like protrusion of tumor showed that luminal stenosis, food through blocked.
The formation mechanism of dysphagia 2) outside the lumen of tumor suppression: the neighboring organs and esophageal tumor growth once the mass exceeds a certain range, it is easy to squeeze the esophagus, so that the narrow lumen deformation, food by poor, especially swallowing too fast or too much food, significantly increase a sense of obstruction, which is characterized by slow and eventually passed. If a large tumor, thyroid cancer prone to similar symptoms.
The formation mechanism of dysphagia 3) anastomotic stricture: Esophageal and cardiac surgery, anastomotic mucosal epithelial cells as epilepsy, hyperactivity leaving marks or with fibrosis, hyperplasia, so that anastomotic stenosis, local creep stiffness, food swallowing disorders arise through difficulties.
Factors for surgical infection or long-term cancer patients receiving chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and the party to make the body immune function, the bacteria easily invade the mouth, throat, digestive tract and other bits that may cause local regions ulcer, inflammatory edema, swelling and other pathological changes Chan. Usually manifested clinical swallowing pain, can not even swallow food, or reflux vomiting after eating. Recurrence of such symptoms, if they can not effectively control the infection focus well, you can significantly improve the negative symptoms of swallowing.
Treatment of patients with adverse factors often due to radiation, electrochemical therapy, stent implant for the emergence of such treatment or anti-dysphagia dysphagia to the original weight.
Receive long-term radiation treatment leaving a large number of new film burns and throat pain, edema, or epiglottis dysfunction, can not cover the throat, making swallowing of food into the air in the bamboo, causing difficulty in swallowing food. Can also produce the esophageal edema, the formation of release cutting esophagitis, or esophageal mucosa produce fibrosis, affecting swallowing.
Electrochemical treatment of patients receiving the treatment at the same time, although the local tumor to inhibit or reduce Yang, gastrointestinal mucositis edema, and difficulty swallowing occur, with time, the symptoms gradually decreased or disappeared. Esophageal stent placement, a small number of patients because of stent expansion, stent embedded in the new film caused by ischemia, necrosis, hyperplasia, the formation of in-stent stenosis, dysphagia may occur. Some chemotherapy drugs such as 5 – fluorouracil slightly Anhui, can cause serious oral action film collapse theft lesions.

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