Diagnosis and treatment of dysphagia

By | March 24, 2012

Diagnosis and treatment of dysphagia 1) cross-resistance gas sputum
Main symptoms: swallowing obstruction, chest fullness, or pain, warm air, Nick inverse, or vomiting phlegm and food, dry mouth and throat, stool incomprehensible, emaciation, reddish tongue, or yellow greasy moss, pulse string and slippery.
Governing Law: Gloomy dryness, phlegm smooth brain. Be added due to the Department of phlegm gas, gas mark sputum knot, swelling of the liver full of boring, so we must rule qi and phlegm.
Recipe: Candied San Kai addition and subtraction. Sage root, turmeric, Amomum shell, Radix, Fritillaria, was Ling, lotus leaf, Radix, stone, Baimi (backlash). Shuijianbi.
Clinical Reference: This card is still an illness when the light conditions, if suitably modulating a variety of integrated approach is expected to be eased. If the combined loss of Yin-chun, could Zhuojia Radix, Scrophularia and other goods, in order to increase the power Yin.
Diagnosis and treatment of dysphagia 2) loss of heat in the Jin
Main symptoms: swallowing and pain stems astringent, water may be, the food is hard, or vomit after eating, emaciation, thoracodorsal burning, dry mouth and throat, burning yard, five upset hot, or hot flushes, night sweats, dry stool , red and dry or crack, pulse string and number.
Governing Law: nourishing body fluid, spilled hot Sanjie. Yin-chun, a result of loss, stomach fire flaming and refused food box people need to master the Yin Jiang Huo.
Recipe: Five security in the juice drink. Leek juice, pear juice, Ouzhi, ginger juice, milk. Harmonic drink.
Clinical Reference: Although the party used food, very suitable for such patients, nursed back to health with the food of the goods Wei Qi, can nourish qi and blood, but also, and Heweijiangni appetizer. Joint injury in radiotherapy for this disease caused the eating difficulties Yin Ye, if Shangyin heavier can Zhuojia Calls: plaster.
Diagnosis and treatment of dysphagia 3) micro-Qi Yang
Main symptoms: swallowing obstruction, food can not be under the pale, mental fatigue, shortness of breath slightly, face edema, abdominal distension. Tongue pale and fat, greasy tongue coating, thready and weak pulse.
Governing Law: Warming spleen and kidney, and stomach Jiangni. By sinister and yang, yang bad wrestle stomach, spleen and both failed, and biochemical report were dried, should be advanced, spleen and kidney warming, air righting transfer to and from other treatments.
Recipe: Decoction spleen qi. Codonopsis, Astragalus, night Ling, Atractylodes, Citrus, Pinellia clear, villosum, ginger, on behalf of the fine stone, leek juice, in gold, characters, days of winter. Shuijianbi.
Clinical information: The patients with advanced disease, mostly, into the drug very difficult, if it can modulating, can be extended to later years, can not attack the abuse of the product.
Diagnosis and treatment of dysphagia 4) accumulation of repressor
Main symptoms: blocked swallowing, eating no less than, or food that is spit under the pale, fine blanking fatigue, or abdominal palpable mass, or very few days without stool Ambassador, shortness of breath, weak voice, pan spit Xianmo, floating face swollen feet , abdominal distension, fat or dark purple tongue, tongue pale, the pulse tight.
Governing Law: replenishing qi and blood, killing accumulation. To take account of the main symptoms, supplemented by the parties.
Recipe: Ba Zhen Tang Decoction six mill. Codonopsis, Atractylodes, night Ling, licorice, hot land, Angelica, white Gou, Penang throw movie, I surgery, peach kernel. Shuijianbi.
Clinical Reference: For this late stage is really a very difficult patients, treatment should be especially cautious, and if any mistakes in medication, treatment not only reactive, but to promote physical and disease progression. Righting in the treatment of which should be the main rule for the sub-plot, if plot-based governance, it will be counterproductive. Focuses on support healthy, qi and blood, or can improve the quality of life and survival. Ke discretion to permit addition of drugs and disease-related, try not to attack with a large, big, big break, gas consumption of the goods, if the abuse or one o'clock fast, immediately painful.
Diagnosis and treatment of dysphagia 5) unilateral prescription: Sin cream: Governance choke food. With Ouzhi, ginger, carrot juice, sweet Jianzhi, white juice, Zhu Li, honey, Equal, and even steamed, any one. In addition to a forward-looking, dragonfly cricket 20, stone cypress 90g, fried 6 hours after service. nigrum 30g, Duchesnea indica 15g, Shu Yang Quan 30g, stone see through 15g, half-sticks 15g, Radix 15g, cecum grass 15g, arrest leaves 15g, Shuijianbi day l agent for esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, obstruction and swallowing difficulties are severe.

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