Chinese medicine treatment of dysphagia

By | March 24, 2012

Chinese medicine treatment of dysphagia (1) understanding of the pathogenesis of Medicine
The characteristics of drug treatment in medical facilities for the dialectic, so when they meet in the Clinical pathogenesis of some syndromes, can choose the appropriate herbs for modulating. Hereby will be "swallowing difficulties," the pathogenesis of this disease fall into the following aspects:
1) cross-resistance gas sputum: Worries Yu Nu, Concerned injured spleen, splenic injury is angry, angry not lose body fluid distribution, so as to form sputum, sputum gas exchange resistance, reverse without landing, the beginning of the diet allowed to enter, re- Next, hold the spit with the food on the Bay. Yu Nu liver injury, wood wang is grams of soil, soil solution is g then gather into sputum, angry phlegm, red gas can not eat on a dry swallow.
2) heat evil disability allowance: eat spicy heat of the goods or radiation, chemotherapy that may cause injury Xuezao Tianjin, mouth and throat, esophagus dry food difficult people. Network throat burns hot, esophagus that may cause local pain, or heat in the stomach, Tianjin loss Xuezao, satisfied of the disorder, the long barrier is preserved plug. Excessive alcohol, or the hi drink hot wine, food Feigan too thick bed, the hot and humid Accumulation, Tianjin injury phlegm and finally into the diet is difficult.
Chinese medicine treatment of dysphagia 3) Qi Yang Micro: the development of cancer patients to the late sinister and Yang, spleen and kidney yang to the receiving micro-free diet and transport of, sewage Shangni, it appears blocked swallowing, eating, the Pan-spiting Mo; spleen decline, decline yang, qi loss, cold delay, so pale, cold form of short, swollen limbs and abdominal distension float plane.
Chinese medicine treatment of dysphagia 4) accumulation of repressor: upright weakness, blood coagulation sputum drugs that may cause loss of operation of the post of Secretary for Transport, or resistance in the coke, or resistance in the coke, or resistance on the next focus. Resistance in the food hard to swallow on the coke, coke resistance in the edible or vomiting, stop eating in the evening under the focus is towards the spit, causing difficulty eating. According to the clinical syndromes of qi, blood and sputum levels of different pathogenesis have focused on changes in the modulating.

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