Western medicine treatment of dysphagia

By | March 24, 2012

Western medicine treatment of dysphagia (1) general treatment
1) encourage patients to eat food to patients that are essential in the human body, is the intravenous nutrition and can not be compared.
2) Note that the body of water, electrolyte and acid-base balance, if disorder should be promptly corrected.
3) Note that the appropriate supply of nutrients such as protein, fat, carbohydrate and various vitamins.
4) can be rectal or subcutaneous administration, intramuscular injection, intravenous injection and other side blow.
Western medicine treatment of dysphagia (2) due to treatment
1) treatment of obstructive causes: cavity obstruction: obstruction of the cavity caused by the tumor can be removed at surgery, stenting, electrochemical treatment, as much as possible to remove the obstruction. A small number of possible relief of obstruction can not be made thin stomach surgery, the body needs to maintain the basic source of nutrition, while taking appropriate treatment measures to be relieved of the disease. Cavity pressure: the cavity due to obstruction of tumor compression can be palliative radiotherapy, tentatively surgery or corticosteroid drugs, such as prednisolone (50-100mg / d), or dexamethasone (8-16mg / d) treatment. complications: The move marks the twins after reduction, obstruction caused by anastomotic stenosis, possible dilatation, stent placement can be severe in order to maintain the digestive tract unobstructed.
2) Control infection treatment
Candida infections: use of antifungal drugs such as Nystatin suspension 1ml / attached to -3 times / d; nystatin or amphotericin only agent, or use the microphone plastic governance is a serious health cases pay may be granted paid health lag 200mg / d or Concord lag Yang 8g / time 3 times / d; or intravenous infusion of allicin. Hong microphone can also be used a little gel in the mouth pushing the tongue coating, if the systemic effect.
Oral ulcer: pay attention to oral care, hydrogen peroxide, normal saline, 2% of the public pot gargle mouthwash acid hydrogen; use sucralfate tablets, crushed soluble in water, denounced in the mouth; tin deposited powder blowing local therapy class; epidermal growth-stimulating factor Tu.
Esophageal reflux or peptic ulcer: cimetidine 1.0-1.2g / d; for Ding Lei M 150mg / time ,2-3 times / d; Ogilvy pulled lag 20mg / d.
Pain: Pain can swallow lidocaine, tetracaine anesthesia mucosa.
Swollen throat Edition: Enhanced anti-infective therapy has become a version without ulceration may be cut by drainage to eliminate the infection foci.
Western medicine treatment of dysphagia (3) to prevent treatment of side effects: on radiotherapy and chemotherapy doses should be strictly controlled to avoid excessive long-term treatment, during treatment may be appropriate to take herbs or auxiliary correction to reduce the possible side effects. Stent implantation, electrochemical treatment. Straw membrane reactor appears edema, can be applied to reduce the response to hormone therapy, such as to despair Betamethasone 5-10mg / d.

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