Pathological causes of dysphagia

By | March 24, 2012

Pathological causes of dysphagia 1. Causes: Swallowing difficulty factor is the result of comprehensive, multifaceted role of factors produced a symptom described summarized as follows:
(1) dry mouth: severe dehydration, chronic mouth breathing and facial radiotherapy reduce the secretion of salivary glands caused by oral or salivary factors Chile obstruction due to infection or cancer, or buccal Liao bad, so that a serious shortage of oral fluid or pain affecting swallowing.
Pathological causes of dysphagia (2) oral ulcer: Chang Jing film by the application of oral chemotherapy drugs that are harmful to the oral pharyngeal buccal ulcer, such as methotrexate or fluorouracil Ridge homes, etc., causing a little, but may also be bad business, such as caused by a lack of vitamins, a few teeth or mouth by the child care placement of supporting material cause.
(3) oral leukoplakia: a candida infection, often occurs, oral cavity, pharynx. Patients often feel dry mouth and oral pain, severe disease can spread to the esophagus and visceral life-threatening.
(4) peptic ulcer: pharynx, esophagus and responsibilities may appear ulcer portal, showing the corresponding site pain when swallowing and swallowing difficult. Reflux esophagitis can also lead to date because of difficulties.
(5) tumor obstruction: the mouth, pharynx, esophagus or cardia, is the obstruction of digestive tract cancer increased directly blocked leaving swallowing, difficulty eating or drinking vomit undone.
Pathological causes of dysphagia (6) tumor compression: neck tumors, such as thyroid cancer, nasopharyngeal carcinoma lymph node metastasis, or mediastinal tumor (primary or metastatic), or transferred to other parts of the digestive tract surrounding the tumor, progressive increase large tumor or lymph nodes, squeezing the esophagus, the esophageal stricture Erzhi swallowing adverse deformation.
(7) salivary gland tumors: tumors of brain metastases or tumor invasion of the brain caused by swallowing dysfunction. And the relationship between swallowing and the trigeminal nerve, facial nerve, glossopharyngeal nerve, vagus nerve and can cause nerve involvement eXID corresponding symptoms.
(8) Inflammation: upper gastrointestinal inflammation, swelling and other Japanese version by the Ministry of infectious disease can cause varying degrees of difficulty swallowing.
(9) postoperative complications: Oral surgery move marks twin shrinkage, esophagus, such as anastomotic stricture can cause varying degrees of difficulty eating.
Pathological causes of dysphagia (10) physical therapy response: head and neck cancer or nasopharyngeal cancer, laryngeal cancer, esophageal cancer, upper, local to local fibrosis after radiotherapy, or electrochemical treatment, the pharynx Yu, esophageal inflammatory edema and swallowing difficulties occur.
(11) drug-induced dystonia: stability, such as nerve agents, chlorine C Metoclopramide pull winded and varying degrees of gum swallowing difficulties occur.
(12) epiglottic dysfunction: Due to invasion of oral or throat cancer because of the nerve dominated by the Ministry of the epiglottis tumor invasion, leaving the breath during swallowing the epiglottis can not cover mouth, so that strayed into the trachea Erzhi food or water can not swallow.
(13) Tracheoesophageal thin: the Ministry of the esophagus or the trachea to each other violations of tumor ulceration, the formation of the esophagus and trachea and thin; or esophageal anastomotic healing after surgery or radiation therapy may also occur after esophageal tracheal thin, then patients can not eat, a cough, swallowing occurred.
Pathological causes of dysphagia (14) Other: Esophageal twins recover from illness, esophageal hiatus leap muscle stores, myasthenia gravis, food management, rooms swell can also cause difficulty swallowing.

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