Neurotoxicity of anticancer drugs

By | March 27, 2012

Neurotoxicity of anticancer drugs (1) methotrexate Ridge (MTX): conventional oral and intravenous drug induced neurotoxicity less, high-dose application (1000mg/ml) may have transient symptoms of acute brain and brain radiation therapy with increase in its occurrence. Neurotoxicity occurred more common in the administration of Ju Ju after injection of 2 – 3 hours to produce acute meningitis, spinal cord white matter disease and chronic disease. Mainly due to meningitis caused by chemical stimulation of the chemical solvent brain inflammation 110, 60% had symptoms of meningeal irritation (headache, fever, vomiting, neck stiffness), a natural ease. Spinal cord disease in Han immediately after injection, and injection frequency and dose.
(2) 5 F gills of a valley Wan (5-Fu) :5-Fu neurotoxicity incidence of single drug, combination of interferon, the top lead, folic acid, thymus deoxy-Xi Yuan for a little (I hymidine) rate increase. Clinical cerebellar symptoms (ataxia, Wan sharp tone, dysarthria, nystagmus, paralysis of common sense, peripheral nerve disorders and 5-Fu in the amount of treatment the area, most of termination of treatment can be mitigated. Pathogenesis is unknown, can Because 5-Fu in the decomposition products through the blood-brain barrier, dry cerebellar three carboxylic acid cycle-related.
(3) Ara back (Ara-C): normal dosage of neurotoxicity caused by less amount of the Italian application of the brain when symptoms of cerebellar disorders of white matter disease, peripheral nerve barrier. And the injection frequency and dose, discontinuation of treatment can alleviate, JU from severe cases can be injected.
Neurotoxicity of anticancer drugs (4) vincristine (VCR): VCR neurotoxicity is peripheral nerve damage, deep alarm call dirty reflex, sensory disturbances, movement disorders. In addition, the autonomic about barriers (intestinal obstruction, constipation, Yang thin, dysuria, orthostatic hypotension), resulting in central nervous system damage, should be discontinued. VCR neurotoxicity axonal transport barriers are there to give the report to reduce the peripheral nerve toxicity of glutamate.
(5) (CDDP): CDDP neurotoxicity in a dose-related, and total more than Aberdeen reached 2OOmg: About 50% of hearing loss. 80%: hearing loss, resulting in peripheral nerve damage, autonomic nerve damage, central nervous system injury. Most hearing loss is due to cochlear outer hair cells disappear nerve is irreversible damage to the book. Produce peripheral nerve damage mechanism is unknown, may be related to direct damage to nerve cells and axonal degeneration, demyelination change the bow. Nerve damage in the brain receive treatment, children, the merger application of VP-16, increase, after stopping the treatment in the case of deterioration, it should be noted. ACTH analogues ORGZ766 can reduce the neurotoxicity of CDDP, but also because of side effects is not filled. The treatment of advanced gastric cancer Cascinu other 50 cases, treatment with CDDP, with glutamate as the treatment group and placebo were randomized controlled double-blind clinical trial, that can reduce the neurotoxicity of CDDP, but does not affect the efficacy.
(6), nitrite cheek categories: conventional dose did not cause nerve toxicity, large doses of a brain disease were reported.
Neurotoxicity of anticancer drugs (7) paclitaxel: Paclitaxel neurotoxicity often happens, the majority of numbness, paresthesia, sensory disturbances like socks. Occurred in more than 250mg/ml 24 – 72 hours later, also more common in 135–250mg/ml repeated drug use. The incidence of neurotoxicity 15% – 95%, and very rare autonomic nerve damage and optic nerve damage, and CDDP combined with increased incidence. Myopathy may also occur, the mechanism is unknown.

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