Leakage of chemotherapy-induced skin damage

By | March 26, 2012

Since many cancer patients chemotherapy and systemic dysfunction, venous return is poor, often due to extravascular leakage of anticancer drugs cause skin damage, the probability is 0.1% – 6%.
The leakage of chemotherapy-induced skin lesions: treatment of exudative skin lesions first problem is that because the disease has developed into the possibility of medical malpractice, even if taken a surefire plan, but also may cause leakage of blood vessels outside the patient that the leakage of anticancer drugs is purely medical, but also held the hospital if the symptoms worsen responsibility. Therefore, the treatment of patients with mental status should be considered, explained to the patient, and good and specialists to discuss and work together to treat the disease.
Leakage of chemotherapy-induced skin damage: the application of chemotherapy (especially Changchun Bases) must be the doctors who are familiar with application of side effects, can not let that lack of experience of doctors use chemotherapy. Anticancer injection site and the resulting severity of skin lesions, to avoid the hand-back, the Ministry of sub joint, elbow fossa, choose the more soft tissue in the forearm to avoid neural and muscular legs bit of blood vessels. Chest because of wrist muscle groups more, less subcutaneous tissue, even if the leakage of a small amount of drugs may also lead to chest muscle degeneration, easy to form a burn mark. The naked eye can see in the back of the venous blood is not good, not in this line of puncture with chemotherapy drugs (in reality the absence of appropriate blood vessels, may not choose here, the main blood vessels).
Another line in the arm after axillary lymph node dissection vessel with chemotherapy drugs, often can lead to leakage of the damage, so if the judge had poor venous flow should be considered in select other vessels. Injection of anticancer drugs, the patient should be immediately subject to remote sensing or stop the injection of pain, so to determine whether the leakage is important.
Leakage of chemotherapy-induced skin damage: the choice of treatment: many patients with chronic bone marrow suppression, treatment, white blood cells in check, platelet count, it should also check for diabetes and other complications, called the immune dysfunction in elderly patients, should be particularly Note, sometimes exacerbated by a sense of merger.

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