Common side effects of chemotherapy – renal toxicity

By | March 27, 2012

Chemotherapy side effects – renal toxicity: advanced lung cancer patients are often as low nutrition, dehydration, bleeding and renal insufficiency increased the risk ratio, or combined with radiation therapy because of renal toxicity and secondary drug. Amino sugar in the use of Celebrex drug, celecoxib ibuprofen Ah, amphotericin, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or hypercalcemia, increase the renal toxicity of anticancer drugs. In addition, before treatment uric acid, calcium excretion of renal dysfunction slow prone to tumor lysis syndrome. Renal toxicity of chemotherapeutic agents is mainly due to renal toxicity of anticancer and anti-tumor caused by the collapse of uric acid in renal tissue hatred. Renal toxicity caused by anticancer drugs directly more, with high-dose chemotherapy by Zhang, the treatment of renal toxicity has an important position. Renal toxicity of chemotherapy drugs than straight major renal injury and allergic reactions, resulting in glomerular, tubular injury and renal dysfunction. Shun lead to renal toxicity of drugs on behalf of chemotherapy drugs, the emergence of sub-renal toxicity that hair (a few days, an allergic reaction) and delayed (which is an accumulation of toxic).
Chemotherapy side effects – renal toxicity: Shun the renal toxicity of lead is representative of drugs, can cause acute renal toxicity may be retrograde to the strong changes in kidney and chronic renal toxicity of the different changes. Pathological change is transparent tubular degeneration of non-specific, extensive necrosis and tubular hypertrophy and other membrane-based Mountain. Of renal toxicity, or withdrawal to reduce the amount of CDDP, when the fluid will be zoned and diuretic. For the electrolyte abnormalities and water loss, add the necessary electrolytes, urine output increases in the use of CDDP for at least 6 hours before and after 150 — 2OOml / h ,1 – 3 days lOOml / h, need and use of mannitol and furosemide. Mannitol alone, but the lack of renal toxicity using the preventive effect, there are side effects of renal toxicity, or to fluid and diuretic-based. When determined to dysfunction and mannitol.
Another side effect of chemotherapy – renal toxicity, there have been reports of hypertonic saline and CDDP renal toxicity can be reduced with Queensland. Speculated that not only have a diuretic effect of hypertonic saline in the state of high chlorine, it is difficult to be replaced, reducing the renal damage. Ozol and other mixed uses kernel DDP 250 3% hypertonic saline when added followed by saline did not cause increased serum creatinine off, clearance rate of dry down muscle and other Western renal toxicity, does not affect the anti-tumor effects. Also, the pot thiosulfate, diethyl dithiocarbamate vinegar, ammonia, oxygen and other Prussian effective research. Decline in renal function must be modified chemotherapy.

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