Meningiomas check what should be done

By | December 20, 2011

Meningioma is a benign tumor, so the slow growth, long course. Usually no symptoms initially, but with the tumor volume increases, there will be some symptoms. Because meningiomas can grow in the brain meninges exist anywhere, so it is not showing the same symptoms. First, the majority of patients with epilepsy, headache, or lame (commonly known as "epilepsy") and other symptoms. Especially elderly patients, epilepsy could be the first symptom. Other vision loss or blindness can occur, decrease or loss of smell, hearing loss or deafness, mental disorder, unresponsive, limb movement or sensory disability, standing firm and other symptoms. If the meningioma growth in some non-essential parts, when developed to a certain size only symptoms, the patient suddenly disturbance of consciousness, life-threatening. Because meningiomas can damage the skull, can be highlighted under the surface of the scalp after the mass, but also allows the formation of skull, skull prominent hyperplasia.
Malignant meningioma and meningeal sarcoma is a malignant tumor because, it is generally shorter duration, the short term symptoms, the disease can be rapidly increased. So once the above symptoms should consult a doctor immediately.
Suspected meningioma check what should be done:
(1) skull X-ray examination of the skull through the understanding of the damage inspection.
(2) check what should be done meningioma, CT scan head CT examination has become a common means of CT scan of brain space occupying intracranial can understand the situation. Rich blood supply because meningiomas can be strengthened through the intravenous injection of contrast medium scans.
(3) magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) cranial magnetic resonance imaging higher resolution than CT, and can be three-dimensional scanning, the tumor localization is very helpful. Such checks can be found through the head CT can not find the tumors, such as small, asymptomatic edema and mass effect is not associated with meningioma.
(4) What checks should be done meningioma, brain angiography brain angiography in the traditional CT, MRI appeared before the diagnosis of meningiomas has an important position. And now digital subtraction technique (usually we say "DSA") replaced. Through this inspection, we can clearly see the vascular supply of meningiomas, and can be used in the imaging process of the supply of special materials, the tumor itself artery embolization for tumor reduction surgery bleeding basis.
(5) What should be done meningioma check EEG EEG is not generally used in the inspection means. The initial symptoms in patients with epilepsy can be the test.

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