Cancer patients should overcome the adverse psychological

By | December 20, 2011

A healthy person, once they are diagnosed as suffering from cancer, even a strong-willed person will be a serious psychological reactions. It is human nature, but some adverse psychological reactions, a long time will produce damage to the body, is the moment we need to overcome. We should have the tumor completely as a challenge to re-conquer himself.
Cancer patients overcome negative psychological (1) anxiety
Disease early, when there is no final diagnosis, the patient mixed feelings of anxiety, eager to suffering from "malignant tumor" is denied. When diagnosed after the cancer want to know which is the case of early or late, there is no diffusion transfer? Of treatment is also skeptical of the future will think of the future and destiny of individuals, have any effect on the family.
Anxiety is a disease most commonly occurs after a complex emotional reaction, fear and worry are the two features. Often irritability, feeling too sensitive, anorexia and nausea, but also insomnia, headache, and always has a strange tension, fear and unbearable discomfort, worry all day.
Cancer patients overcome the adverse psychological (2) fear
Cancer in people's minds is terminally ill, cancer patients seem to mean "the death penalty and suspension of execution." White surgery is unsuccessful, afraid to leave after-effects, fear of cancer will be transferred, fear of pain, often linked to cancer and death. Poor prognosis because of fear, often have restless, loss of appetite, unable to sleep at night.
Cancer patients overcome the adverse psychological (3) alone
When admitted to hospital after the environment has changed at any time to contact strangers, naturally produces a sense of loneliness. In particular, live in a small ward, ward staff and even less the case, I hope someone, say, to eliminate the psychological loneliness and psychological relief. Some patients also have a sense of abandonment.
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